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Best Tableau Classes in Atlanta

Using Tableau is now the expectation when creating charts, graphs, maps, and any valuable data visualization program. You can use Tableau for many unique business features to help make informed business decisions and effectively explain business progress to others. While all of the features of Tableau seem intimidating, many believe it is relatively simple to learn. Even though it has been around since 2003, Tableau started gaining popularity in 2015, meaning many people are still looking to learn how to use this data analysis program and eventually become experts. Fortunately, many training programs are available for those eager to learn.

Best Tableau Classes & Schools in Atlanta

Tableau 101 

Ledet offers a Tableau Introduction course to help beginners get comfortable with this program. The intro course is held over two days and uses hands-on practice to ensure students understand the many features of Tableau. Students can expect to leave this class informed on using this program effectively and best practices to translate raw data into actionable business intelligence and results. This course is aimed at beginners and intermediate-level users. Some prerequisites include basic familiarity with general business data and spreadsheet concepts, but no previous experience with Tableau is needed. The Tableau 101 training course costs $999 and is offered in person at their Atlanta location. 

Tableau Desktop - Part 1 

Founded in 1982, New Horizons has decades of experience providing education and skills training. They are one of the world’s largest independent IT and Career training companies, and their mission is to provide up-to-date training as technology advances. New Horizons understands that Tableau is an essential tool that can connect to a wide range of data sources. It allows its users to create visualizations of connected data to gain insights and show trends. They offer a one-day course that covers information such as the Tableau fundamentals, building a data model, exploring data, publishing data, and sharing workbooks for collaboration, creating interactive filters, emphasizing data in visualizations, creating dashboards, and enhancing stories with Tooltips to name a few things.

The Tableau Desktop course is designed for professionals already using data management tools but not necessarily using Tableau. Some prerequisites include experience with Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Students can take this course in person at the New Horizons Atlanta location over two days, costing $1,190. 

Tableau Desktop Level 1: Introduction for Novice Users 

ONLC Training Centers has over four years of experience providing computer training and has been named one of the Top 20 IT Training Companies by Training Industry, Inc. They are dedicated to ensuring their classrooms are the best for learning, especially regarding programs many professionals want to learn. ONLC Training Centers knows that Tableau can be a lot to learn, so they offer a three-day course for novice users. Students can spend more time understanding and using the basic techniques needed for creating visualizations and combining them in interactive dashboards.

The only prerequisites for this course are that students should have experience with Microsoft Excel and Windows Operating System. If students plan to take the Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam, the novice course can be a foundation for preparation. The course covers topics such as working with data in Tableau, starting an adventure with calculations, deep diving with table calculations, telling a data story with dashboards, trends, clustering, distributions, forecasting, and advanced visualizations. Students even have additional lab time for practice. The ONLC course costs $1,495 and is offered at least once a month but tends to fill up quickly, and the class is offered either in person at their Atlanta location or online. 

Tableau Level I 

Noble Desktop offers a beginner-level course live online to help professionals interested in learning Tableau create dynamic charts, graphs, maps, and dashboards. The Tableau Level 1 course is six hours long. For $299, students can expect a study led by experts that is real-time and interactive. Noble offers small class sizes to help students receive personal attention, even in an online class, so students can get feedback on their projects, ask questions, and comfortably engage with the materials and each other. Even though the course is only one day, students can expect to learn how to create first visualizations and format them, manipulate data in Tableau, create dashboards and stories, and distribute and publish their visualizations. The only prior knowledge needed for this course is being comfortable with using a computer. Like most training Noble offers, the course provides a certification of completion and one free retake within a year. Noble has been around since 1990 and works hard to give professionals the information they need to pursue careers in design, coding, IT, and more by offering programs and certification courses that help their students feel prepared for the real world. 

Atlanta Industries That Use Tableau 

Numerous industries use Tableau, but it is most often used in tech and tech-adjacent industries, which should be easy to find in Atlanta. Over the last few years, Atlanta, also known as the “Silicon Valley of the South” because of the uptick in hot tech companies making the metro Atlanta area their own. Some significant companies planting roots in Atlanta include Apple, Microsoft, and Visa. Over the past five years, Atlanta has seen a 15% growth in tech jobs, so it should not be hard to put your Tableau skills to use in the unique and diverse city. 

Tableau Jobs & Salaries in Atlanta 

If you want your next career to focus solely on using Tableau, you can find a job as a Tableau Software Engineer. In Atlanta, the average salary for this position is $103,723, ranging from $94,645 to $114,961. A clear understanding of how to use Tableau is essential in this role, as well as education, additional certifications, and years of experience. Other jobs include the following: a QA Analyst, Junior Web Developer, WordPress Developer, and Data Engineer. For example, the average salary for a Tableau Developer is $121,000, and pay in Atlanta is 22% higher than the national average. Ultimately, Atlanta is a great place to either get started or settle down with a career in Tableau.

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