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Best Tableau Classes in Denver

Tableau has been around for several years and is gaining a reputation as one of the tools needed for data visualization and to help professionals make intelligent decisions about their business. Users of Tableau can create graphs, dashboards, and just about any tool to display data effectively. As Tableau's use gains popularity, it is becoming standard that employees analyzing the company's data become versed in this tool. More businesses are offering training and bootcamps to help students become familiar with or even experts in Tableau. You can find courses ranging from novice-level training, intensive bootcamps, and certification programs to Levels 1 and 2 to help you continue expanding your knowledge. If you want to learn Tableau in Denver, there are numerous options for you to gain expertise.

Best Tableau Classes & Schools in Denver

Tableau Bootcamp 

Noble Desktop offers an online Tableau Bootcamp to set you up for success. The bootcamp is a total of 12 hours, which is split into two full days of learning. The training is project-based and live online, with expert instructors leading the course. Tuition is $499 and is due before class starts. At this price point, students receive a proprietary workbook, a free course retake within a year, and a verified digital certificate of completion.

In the two days, students can anticipate learning Tableau calculations, formatting visualizations, understanding and manipulating data, creating dashboards and stories, and creating custom charts. Students will also use projects to learn practical skills. The combination of real projects and the guidance of expert instructors will set students up for success. The course is offered in person in New York, and there is an online option for people to join from anywhere, including Denver. 

Tableau Corporate Training 

As a team leader, you might see the benefits of having your team trained in a specific skill that will benefit their and the company's development. CourseHorse offers a professional development course to help your team learn critical skills needed for using Tableau. You and your team will learn to create visualization, manipulate data, format visualizations, and create custom charts. This private event costs $499, but a free consultation with CourseHorse can help you review a plan customized to your team's needs.

A great benefit of creating your team's training is you can decide when to schedule the training based on what works best for the group. CourseHorse offers the course on weekdays, weeknights, and even weekends. The corporate training course is for up to 20 people, and no additional materials are needed. This is a great option to ensure your team is on the same page with their skills in Tableau and can also boost team morale. 

Tableau Level I 

NYIM has been one of the go to companies for business professionals for nearly two decades. They are known for their practical and hands-on approach to teaching courses for programs like Excel, Financial Modeling, Microsoft Office, Adobe, SQLm AutoCAD, and QuickBooks. If you are considering taking a Tableau class in Denver and willing to take the course online, NYIM is a great option. They offer a Tableau Level I course aimed at beginners. The course is one day and will introduce students to the various tools that Tableau Public offers. In this full day course, students will learn how to create a visualization, Tableau calculations, manipulating data, advanced visualization tools and creating dashboards and stories. The only requirement for this course is being comfortable with a computer, otherwise anyone can take this course. For $299, students will get six hours of instruction, live online from an expert trainer, one free retake of the course within one year and a digital certificate of completion. 

Tableau Desktop Level 1: Introduction for Novice Users 

ONLC industries are leaders in the industry regarding professional training and certification programs. It comes as no surprise that they offer Tableau training, but particularly one for novice users. The course lasts three days and will help students understand and use the basic techniques needed to help create visualizations. The class is slower paced to allow for new users of Tableau to have more time to review basic concepts and to allow for additional lab time. This is a beginner-level class, but students should have experience using Microsoft Excel and Pivot tables, and it is highly recommended to use a Windows Operating System. This introduction course is very hands-on and covers topics such as the Tableau Paradigm, managing data source metadata, filtering data, relating parts of data to the whole, row-level and aggregate-level calculations, ad hoc calculations, custom table calculations, adding value to visualizations, designing Dashboards, mapping techniques, sharing with users of Tableau Desktop, and much more. The fee is $1495, and despite numerous sections being offered, the course tends to sell out quickly. You can take the course in person at the ONLC Industries Denver location. 

Denver Industries That Use Tableau 

Denver ranked as one of the world's top tech cities in 2021. With their low cost of living, low tax rates, and excellent livability, there is no question why significant businesses, including tech companies, are making Denver their home. What does this mean for a Tableau user? Tech industries are amongst Tableau's significant users, meaning your expertise in the popular software program will be needed. You can find companies like DISH, Zoom Video Communications, RingCentral, and Xero in Denver, and many startups are starting to make the city the place to be, too. 

Tableau Jobs & Salaries in Denver 

The salary for a Tableau Developer in Denver is about $89,883, typically between $76,000 and $107,000. Remember that this range can vary depending on additional skills, experience, education, certifications, and years in the profession. If you are not looking to become a Tableau Developer but prefer to put your knowledge to use, there are opportunities there, too. You can consider working as a Data Analyst for a company like Thrive Market with pay ranging from $125,000 - $165,000, a Business Development Rep for Slack with compensation ranging from $49,000 - $73000, or even a Research Manager for the National Endowment for Financial Education with pay ranging from $54,000 - $61,000. Each job has its unique requirements, but the common denominator between them is experience using Tableau.

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