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Best Tableau Classes in San Francisco

Tableau is a respected platform used to visualize data to help understandably reveal patterns for business intelligence. Using this rich platform, you can create charts, graphs, dashboards, and other visuals needed to help businesses understand their data and make better business decisions. Understanding how to use Tableau effectively is a highly sought-after skill if you plan to work with company data, and many employers require their employees to use it. Fortunately, numerous options are available for someone looking to learn how to use Tableau. 

Best Tableau Classes & Schools in San Francisco

Tableau Desktop Level 1: Introduction for Novice Users 

ONLC Training Centers was founded in 1983 and now offers in-person and virtual courses for companies and individuals. It is one of the US's most significant privately held IT training companies. Part of their training area includes Tableau, which is why they are a great option if you are considering beginning or building on your program knowledge with the Tableau Desktop Level 1: Introduction for Novice Users course. Though this class is for novices, students should have experience with Microsoft Excel and Pivot Tables.

This three-day in-person course will cover the fundamentals of Tableau, how to build and customize your data visualizations and dashboard, and how to create Business Intelligence visualizations, to name a few things. While a lot of information is covered over the three days, it is still a slow-paced course to allow time for students to grasp the concepts and ask questions when needed. The class costs $1495 and helps give students a strong foundation for the Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam. The ONLC training facility that offers this course is located in San Francisco. 

Tableau Bootcamp 

Career Centers offers various professional development and corporate training programs. Despite being a New York-based company, they provide virtual training and certification courses, allowing them to reach professionals from all over. Their Tableau Bootcamp is an excellent example of an online course based in New York that can accommodate potential San Francisco students.

The bootcamp is a 12-hour course split into two full days of learning. Students are taught live online with expert instructors. The Tableau bootcamp costs $499, a price drop from the usual $598, and payment is due in full before class. The days are split into two modules. Day one is Modules I: Working with Your Data, so students can expect to learn about working with their data in Tableau; they'll receive an overview of Tableau calculations such as SUM, AVR, and Aggregate features, how to format their visualizations and how to publish their visualizations. Day two is Module II: Mapping 7 Advanced Visualization, where students can expect an introduction to mapping data, creating a dual axis chart, using storytelling on dashboards, swapping out and relinking data sources, and they will work on their individualized program with either provided data or their own.

Students should expect a dynamic and interactive two days of course material and valuable learning. The only prior knowledge expected from students is being comfortable using a computer. At the end of the course, expect a verified digital certificate of completion and one free retake within one year. 

Tableau: Introduction 

Learnit, located in San Francisco, offers in-person and online live instructor training. They offer courses that will help professionals in their current roles or if they are looking to transition into another career path. Students can choose from classes covering Microsoft Office, IT & Technical Development, and many more. They offer a two-day introductory course on Tableau that is great for students with no prior knowledge; the only expectation is that students have some experience with Microsoft Excel and have Tableau Public Version installed on their computers before class. This class is not available for Mac users.

The introductory course covers the basics of Tableau to ensure students understand the fundamentals needed to create visualizations. Some of the course curricula include topics like the Tableau paradigm, filtering data, relating parts of the data to the whole, ad hoc calculations, performance considerations, scope, and direction, how formatting works in Tableau, trends, forecasting, dealing with data structure issues, mapping techniques, sharking a workbook with users of Tableau Desktop or Tableau Reader and sharing data with users of Tableau Server, Tableau Online, and Tableau Public, and much more. For this in-person training, students can expect to pay $1295; even if you are local, you can choose the online option.

San Francisco Industries That Use Tableau 

Many might relate San Francisco to some of its well-known landmarks, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, and even the famous sitcom Full House; the city has some excellent business too. San Francisco is home to some well-known tech companies. It’s the home of Airbnb, Dropbox, Eventbrite, Lyft, Salesforce, Slack, and Reddit. Even if you are not profoundly ingrained in the tech world, those companies ring bells. Being close to Silicon Valley plays a large part in major and start-up tech companies making their way to San Francisco. Being close to the home of booming tech companies is vital in finding companies that need your expertise in Tableau.  

Tableau Jobs & Salaries in San Francisco 

Some jobs that value knowledge of Tableau might not explicitly name the tool in the title, but being familiar with how to use this program can be an added benefit. For example, in San Jose and Mountain View, TikTok is looking for Data Scientist in Search Ads, Ads Interfaces, and Brand Innovation. With pay ranging from $130,000 - $296,000, there are additional requirements than Tableau experience. Some require years of experience doing quantitative analysis, advanced degrees, and strong communication skills, but using Tableau Software and understanding the information it provides is also a huge benefit.

A Visualization Developer working for Stanford Health Care is also an option if you have a BS or BA, two years of experience in analytics, business, or healthcare technology, and the knowledge acquired from the Tableau certifications. The pay for that position ranges from $50-$67 an hour. Finally, Thrive Market is seeking a Senior Data Analyst and offering $125,000-$165,000. There are plenty of opportunities in the Bay Area to use your existing knowledge and qualifications with the knowledge gained from a Tableau certification.

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