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Best Tableau Classes in Seattle

Tableau is an interactive data software company that helps make your business information analytics easy to visualize. Tableau allows data to be viewed in reports, dashboards, scorecards, spreadsheet integration, and other methods needed to depict business data accurately. You can become certified in how to use Tableau, a skill that many employers find valuable. Being certified in Tableau lets employers know you can handle business data and generate a variety of visualizations to help provide a more precise understanding of what is going on with the business. 

Best Tableau Classes & Schools in Seattle

Tableau Level I 

NYC Career Centers offers a virtual course to have students create their first visualization using data. Students will explore basic charts and calculations to evaluate the data. While the course is for one day, it is a seven-hour course that gives students an overview of the essential features of Tableau. Prior experience is optional for this course; students can expect to cover various topics. The course is expected to cover this like foundations for building data visualizations, getting started with Tableau Software, connecting your data to Tableau, creating custom calculations and fields, formatting tools and menus, sorting and filtering Tableau data, formatting your data with colors, using storytelling, and much more. This interactive online course costs $299. 

Tableau Desktop - Part 1 

If you want to get your foundational skills together for Tableau Desktop, TLG has the course for you. TLG provides complete learning solutions for many popular systems, such as Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix, Adobe, and Project Management, to name a few. Their trainings focus on what students need to learn:

  • Quick references.
  • Quickly searchable digital reference manuals.
  • An online or in-person course option.

The Tableau Desktop course is split into two sessions and costs $1,400. While the course is open to beginners, some system requirements are necessary to ensure that students can have a successful learning experience. Students must ensure they have a 2GHz processor and 4GB RAM.

Additionally, dual monitors or two computers and a VOIP headset with a noise-canceling mic are required for this course. Students need ActiveX and additional requirements to ensure class runs smoothly. Students should also have experience with Excel Level 1 & 2. Once in the certificate course, objectives include how to connect to your data, understanding Tableau terminology, using the Tableau interface/paradigm to effectively create power visualizations, building a dashboard to share visualization, pie and bar charts, and scatter plot, to name a few of the skills that will help someone who works with data. 

Tableau Bootcamp 

Noble Desktop offers an online Tableau Bootcamp to help individuals who want to learn how to use this powerful tool to help improve their data visualization skills. The bootcamp takes place for two days giving students 12 hours of instruction. In this course, expect to learn about Tableau's various tools and how to use them in data visualization. Students can expect to learn the foundations and then go further into what Tableau offers. By the end of this course, students will be able to manipulate and publish different visualizations. The course costs $499, and payments are expected in full before the first day, unlike other Noble Desktop courses. The Tableau Bootcamp can be taken independently or as part of a certificate program. The online bootcamp also includes a free retake within one year of completing the course and a verified digital certificate of completion. The course is taken over Zoom, so students are offered remote setup assistance to ensure they are set up for success. If you are considering this course, the only requirement is being comfortable with using a computer; otherwise, no prior knowledge is needed. 

ONLC Training Centers/ Tableau Desktop Level 1: Introduction for Novice Users 

ONLC Training Centers recognizes certifications are essential to many in the business or tech field. ONLC’s Tableau Desktop Level 1 course is great for the novice or someone with little knowledge who wants professional exposure to the topic. The course lasts three days and will help students understand and use the basic techniques for creating visualization and combining them with interactive dashboards. Students can expect to learn how to work with Tableau’s wizards and shortcuts, with calculations, dashboards, and stories, and how to make informed decisions based on the information provided. While this course covers a lot of materials, it is slower-paced because it is designed for beginners. A slower-paced class gives beginners more time to review basic concepts and genuinely understand their learning. The course costs $1,495 and is offered online. Students are expected to have experience with Microsoft Excel and Pivot tables. 

Seattle Industries That Use Tableau 

You will likely find industries using Tableau include Business Intelligence, Technology, and Machine Learning. Still, as time goes on and more are versed in the benefits of this program, you might see usage grow in other industries. Seattle is the city for companies to grow and unlock their full potential. According to the Seattle Times, with Tableau's expansion, Seattle could be one of the go-to places for companies to start. While San Francisco is known for their tech companies, there is a history of Seattle Companies joining with companies based in San Francisco that help expand the business to the city. Companies like Amazon, Tableau, Microsoft, and Highspot call Seattle home as they grow successfully. 

Tableau Jobs & Salaries in Seattle 

In Seattle, Washington, a Tableau Software Engineer averages a salary of about $116,534, falling between $106,325 and $129,148. This salary can vary depending on the level of education, certifications, skills, and years in the industry. A Tableau Software Engineer is specific to the program; other jobs in Seattle use different skills and ask for experience with Tableau. For example, a Project/ Program Manager with Tableau skills can make between $80,000- $101,00 working for a local county in Seattle. Disney is looking for a Manager in Forecasting. While this job looks for a Master's level education, they also look for experience with web analytics and Tableau, and the pay ranges from $125k- 150k. And Amazon is looking for an Event Marketing Manager with Tableau experience as well as marketing experience.

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