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Facebook Marketing Classes Near Me

Best In-Person & Virtual Courses

Facebook is the world's most popular social media platform. With almost 3 billion users, the platform is an excellent way to promote goods and services online. Businesses use Facebook marketing to cultivate customer relationships, spread awareness about their products or services, and drive conversions. People with Facebook marketing skills can move on to various careers, including Digital Marketing Managers, Social Media Coordinators, Content Strategists, and Online Community Managers, to name a few. Given its broad reach and impact, learning Facebook Marketing is instrumental in enhancing brand visibility, engaging with a wide audience, and effectively promoting products or services in today's digital age.

Top In-Person & Virtual Facebook Marketing Classes

Facebook Marketing Courses at Noble Desktop

Founded in 1990, Noble Desktop is a leading training program in New York City, offering hands-on classes and certificate programs in social media marketing, graphic design, web design and development, motion graphics, data science, UX, and digital marketing. Emphasizing a practical, hands-on learning approach, classes provide students with the necessary skills to jump-start their careers in the dynamic fields of digital design, programming, data science, and online marketing. Noble Desktop offers career-support services for students, and all classes are available in person or through live online instruction.

Facebook Marketing

  • Price: $650
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Locations: NYC, Live Online

At the Facebook Marketing course by Noble Desktop, students can expect a comprehensive blend of theory and practical exercises to grasp the basics of Facebook advertising and enhance their marketing strategy. The class extensively covers the use of the Business Manager tool, the creation of effective ads, audience targeting, budget efficiency, and interpreting analytics to maximize the potential of each Facebook campaign.

Facebook Marketing Courses at Certstaffix Training

Certstaffix Training provides computer and IT training courses in various technology areas. Their extensive range of subjects includes Python, SQL, Excel, and Adobe Creative Cloud offerings. Classes are delivered by expert instructors in a live, interactive online environment, giving students a hands-on learning experience.

Facebook Advertising

  • Price: $450
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Locations: Several (see school website)

The Facebook Advertising at Certstaffix Training course, offered by Certified Staffing Solutions, empowers students with the skills necessary to efficiently create, manage, and optimize Facebook advertising campaigns. Students gain insight into defining target audiences, designing engaging ads, leveraging ad placements, managing budgets, and comprehending analytics to fortify their Facebook marketing strategies.

Facebook Marketing Courses at University of Sydney Centre for Continuing Education

The University of Sydney Centre for Continuing Education offers many learning opportunities for anyone looking to build their skills or widen their knowledge. With an exceptional range of courses, including languages, arts, business, and lifestyle, students can explore new interests, upgrade their professional skills or even kick-start a new career path.

Facebook Advertising

  • Price: $290
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Locations: Several (see school website)

The Facebook Advertising course offered at the University of Sydney Centre for Continuing Education equips students with strategic tools and techniques to maximize Facebook's advertising platform. The class provides in-depth knowledge on creating compelling campaigns, targeting and retargeting potential customers, using Facebook's algorithm, understanding analytics, and measuring the effectiveness of Facebook ads.

Facebook Marketing Courses at cmt Computer- & Management Training

CMT Computer & Management Training is a premier institution renowned for offering comprehensive computer and management training programs. Students enrolled at the institution can increase their technical proficiency in computer operations, digital systems, and managerial skills.

Facebook Marketing Compact Course

  • Price: $855
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Locations: Several (see school website)

In the Facebook Marketing Compact Course offered by CMT Computer & Management Training, participants will explore the intricacies and tactics of successful Facebook marketing. Students learn fundamental skills such as creating and managing Facebook accounts and pages, developing content strategies, using Facebook ads and analytics, and understanding Facebook's algorithms. 

Key Information about Learning Facebook Marketing

Some of the most important skills to learn in Facebook marketing include understanding Facebook's algorithm, developing engaging content strategies, using Facebook Ads Manager, analyzing data through Facebook Analytics, and leveraging Facebook Pixel for conversion tracking. While it can be complex with its continuously changing algorithms and features, beginners can still learn Facebook Marketing with proper training and resources. How long it takes to acquire proficiency in Facebook marketing depends on the individual's time investment, previous marketing knowledge, and pace of learning. 

A background in basic marketing principles, an understanding of social media dynamics, and familiarity with data analysis can make learning Facebook marketing easier. As for the technical aspect, learners must have a Facebook account and a stable internet connection, and they are encouraged to download Facebook's Business Suite app for on-the-go management, which is accessible through app stores on various devices.

Career Paths and Job Outlook for Facebook Marketing

With a world-wide reach, Facebook marketing is a crucial part of a Digital Marketer’s job. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 10% increase in employment for Marketing Managers, including Facebook Marketers, through 2031. Facebook marketing positions pay between $48,000 and $87,000 annually. Different roles such as Social Media Coordinators, Content Strategists, or Digital Marketing Managers, use Facebook Marketing as a powerful tool to increase brand visibility, target desired demographics, and engage with an online audience.

What Can You Do With Facebook Marketing?

Facebook puts Digital Marketers and Social Media Marketers in touch with almost 3 billion users across the world. Facebook provides many tools to allow Marketers to choose the type of content to post, including text, videos, photos, stories, links, or pinned posts. Marketers can engage with a target audience through Facebook Live gatherings, job listings, watch parties, groups, Messenger and chatbots, and Facebook Q&A. 

Facebook also provides free analytics tools through the Facebook Business Insights Suite. Create paid targeted ads using the Facebook Pixel tool to collect data to use down to run paid ads later. Facebook's native tools also monitor and analyze online conversations to help Marketers understand audiences better and shape their marketing strategies accordingly. 

Finally, Facebook's Insight tool lets Marketers see how their campaigns are performing. It provides detailed analytics about the user’s activities, like page views, post engagement, and the performance of posts. A Marketer requires skills in data analysis, content creation, and customer engagement, along with a good understanding of Facebook's platform and customer behaviors to efficiently use these features and tools. 

Top Facebook Marketing Tools For Beginners

  1. Facebook Ads Manager: It's the primary tool for creating and analyzing your Facebook Ads. It allows you to set up ad campaigns, manage ad budgets, target specific audiences and track the results.
  2. Facebook Insights: This tool allows you to monitor the engagement and interaction on your Facebook page. You can track likes, shares, comments and understand who is engaging with your content and how often.
  3. Facebook Pixel: It's a piece of code that you can place on your website to track conversions from Facebook ads, optimize ads, build targeted audiences, and re-market to people who have already taken action on your website.
  4. Facebook Power Editor: This tool is designed for larger advertisers who need to create lots of ads at once and have precise control of their campaigns. You can use it to set up and edit your ads at a high level.
  5. Facebook Audience Insights: This tool provides information about your audience, so you can create content that is relevant and engaging to them. It gathers data on demographics, likes, interests, location, and more.
  6. Facebook Business Manager: A platform designed to streamline managing multiple pages and ad accounts under one umbrella. It gives an overview of your page performance, ad results, and allows you to manage roles permissions.
  7. Canva: A third-party tool that offers a simple design platform to create beautiful graphics for your Facebook posts and ads. It has a host of templates, images, and fonts you can use.
  8. Hootsuite: This is a social media management tool that allows you to schedule and post updates to any page or profile for Facebook and other social networks. It's a great tool to manage your posts and track their performance.
  9. MobileMonkey: A chatbot platform for Facebook Messenger. It helps you create chatbots to automate customer service, content delivery, and collecting user data.
  10. Socialbakers: This is a suite of AI-enabled tools that helps you analyze your Facebook performance, understand your audience, optimize content and ad strategies, and benchmark yourself against competitors.

Facebook Marketing Comparison to Other Tools & Fields

Social media marketing and digital marketing are the most closely related fields to Facebook marketing because they also focus on promoting products or services, and maintaining customer engagement through various digital platforms including Facebook. People who work with Facebook marketing often use programming languages such as JavaScript and Python to track user activity, create dynamic web content, analyze data, and generate marketing insights. Additionally, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) constitutes a significant part of Facebook marketing, with a focus on improving website visibility in search engine result pages, by using keywords and high-quality content to attract audiences.

Facebook Marketing Advantages

Facebook marketing offers highly targeted advertising, allowing businesses to reach their exact audience based on demographics, interests, behaviors, and location. It provides measurable results through detailed analytics and insights, thus enabling businesses to tweak their marketing strategies for increased effectiveness. Facebook marketing also offers a unique opportunity for customer engagement and building relationships by directly communicating with customers, responding to their feedback, and encouraging them to share content.

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