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Python Machine Learning Classes Near Me

Best In-Person & Virtual Courses

Python Machine Learning is a powerful programming concept that incorporates the principles of data analysis and machine learning methods using the Python programming language. This technology is essential in numerous professions, including Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, AI Specialists, and business analytics jobs that harness Python Machine Learning to extract insights from data. Mastering Python Machine Learning enhances one's analytical skills, improves career prospects in the ever-growing data-driven economy, and offers the ability to create powerful predictive models.

Top In-Person & Virtual Python Machine Learning Classes

Python Machine Learning Courses at Noble Desktop

Noble Desktop is a leading design and coding school in New York City. Founded in 1990, Noble Desktop offers hands-on classes and certificate programs in web design & development, graphic design, motion graphics, data science, UX, and digital marketing. Emphasizing a practical, hands-on learning approach, Noble Desktop provides students with the necessary skills to jumpstart their careers in the dynamic fields of digital design, programming, data science, and online marketing, among others. Noble Desktop offers career-support services for students and all of its classes are available in person or through live online instruction.

Python Data Science & Machine Learning Certificate

  • Price: $3,495
  • Duration: hours
  • Locations: NYC, Live Online

The Python Data Science & Machine Learning Certificate program at Noble Desktop provides students with comprehensive knowledge of how to use Python for data analysis, machine learning, and AI. The course delves into various topics, including data science libraries such as NumPy, Pandas, and Sci-kit Learn, as well as data visualization with Matplotlib and interactive dashboards with Plotly and Dash. By the end of the program, students will have developed a strong foundation for delving into the field of data science and machine learning.

Python Machine Learning Bootcamp

  • Price: $1,895
  • Duration: 30 hours
  • Locations: NYC, Live Online

Noble Desktop’s Python Machine Learning Bootcamp covers how to use Python for machine learning models. Students learn key machine learning concepts and terminology, how to use Python libraries such as Pandas, NumPy, and Scikit-learn to important, clean, and analyze data, and how to use a variety of machine learning algorithms. Students also learn how to evaluate their models’ performance and deploy them to production. This class is led by an expert instructor and includes hands-on experience students can use to develop real-world machine learning skills.

Python Machine Learning Courses at Practical Programming

Practical Programming is a dynamic technology training provider that equips students with valuable coding skills. By participating in these classes, students can delve into the intricate world of Python, data science, machine learning, and web development, thus propelling their technical understanding to greater heights and opening doors to high-paying career opportunities. All of the courses offered by Practical Programming are hands-on, career-focused learning experiences that aim to teach students practical, real-world coding and technology skills.

Machine Learning & Automation for Finance

  • Price: $1,295
  • Duration: 18 hours
  • Locations: Chicago, NYC, Live Online

Practical Programming's Machine Learning & Automation for Finance course has students immerse themselves in a comprehensive study of Machine Learning algorithms used in finance for analyzing, trading, and managing funds. The course explores key topics like Python programming, understanding and implementing machine learning algorithms, and automating financial operations, empowering students with core skills to understand, adapt, and introduce machine learning processes into their financial practices.

Python Machine Learning Courses at NextGen Bootcamp

NextGen Bootcamp, a highly regarded tech education school, provides a robust and practical learning experience for high school students keen on acquiring tech-based skills. With courses spanning coding, software development, data science, and more, NextGen Bootcamp crafts an engaging and comprehensive learning environment where students hone their skills under the tutorship of seasoned professionals. NextGen courses are ideal places for students to spend their summer learning valuable skills that will assist them in their college computer science and design courses or in their professional lives.

Python Data Science & Machine Learning Summer Program

  • Price: $2,495
  • Duration: 50 hours
  • Locations: NYC, Live Online

The Python Data Science & Machine Learning Summer Program at NextGen Bootcamp delves into the essential topics of data science, including core Python concepts, data manipulation with Pandas, basic statistics, and machine learning models. Students will also gain experience with hands-on projects using real-world data sets, allowing them to explore predictive analytics, decision-making tools, and AI firsthand while gaining tangible skills in Python for professional or academic advancement.

Python Data Science & Machine Learning Summer Program Online

  • Price: $1,999
  • Duration: 45 hours
  • Locations: Live Online

The Python Data Science & Machine Learning Summer Program at NextGen Bootcamp is an intensive online course designed to introduce young learners to the world of programming, statistics, and data science using the Python programming language. Learners will acquire hands-on experience in machine learning and data visualization through projects while gaining a strong understanding of fundamental data science and programming concepts, such as loops, functions, lists, and dictionaries.

Python Machine Learning Courses at NYC Data Science Academy

NYC Data Science Academy is a premier educational institution where students immerse themselves in a comprehensive curriculum designed specifically for data science. It offers a robust learning environment where budding Data Scientists garner in-depth knowledge of various aspects of data science, spanning from intricate programming languages like Python and R to complex data structures, allowing them to adeptly manipulate, analyze, and interpret massive data sets.

Data Science with Python: Machine Learning

  • Price: $1,990
  • Duration: 5 weeks
  • Locations: Several (see school website)

The Data Science with Python: Machine Learning course at NYC Data Science Academy offers rigorous and comprehensive training in various aspects of machine learning. Students gain hands-on experience in key techniques such as regression, classification, clustering algorithms, natural language processing, and dimensionality reduction, equipping them with the skills necessary to solve a wide range of complex data science problems.

Python Machine Learning Courses at BrainStation

BrainStation is a cutting-edge, global tech school renowned for its immersive and comprehensive programs. Students at BrainStation can gain powerhouse knowledge in fields such as data science, digital marketing, product management, and web development, with curricula designed to cultivate critical 21st-century digital skills.

Machine Learning Certificate

  • Price: $3,950
  • Duration: 30 hours
  • Locations: Several (see school website)

BrainStation's Machine Learning Certificate program equips students with the skills necessary to apply machine learning techniques and leverage algorithms to solve real-world problems. The class covers topics such as natural language processing, predictive models, machine learning algorithms, big data, and advanced machine learning strategies, fostering the development of future-oriented skills.

Python Machine Learning Courses at Clarusway

At Clarusway, students have the chance to open themselves up to an ocean of technological knowledge, from cloud technologies to cybersecurity and data science. With a flexible, full-stack education model that combines advanced technical training with a collaborative environment, students are empowered to acquire job-ready skills, bringing them closer to their ambitions in the thriving digital sector.

Machine Learning

  • Price: $5,000
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Locations: Live Online

At Clarusway, the Machine Learning course offers students an opportunity to master various machine learning techniques, such as regression, clustering, and reinforcement learning. By the end of the course, they will be equipped to interpret, understand, and leverage various machine learning algorithms, APIs, and data sets and will gain the practical skills needed to craft complex learning algorithms and predictive models.

Python Machine Learning Courses at iD Tech

iD Tech is a premier platform that provides immersive, tech-oriented summer programs where students can explore and learn across various tech fields. By offering flexible learning paths in areas such as coding, game development, robotics, and design, it opens up vast possibilities for students, allowing them to unlock their creative potential while mastering cutting-edge technologies in an engaging, collaborative environment.

Intro to Python Coding for Machine Learning

  • Price: $1,099
  • Duration: 1 week
  • Locations: Several (see school website)

In the Intro to Python Coding for Machine Learning course offered by iD Tech, students learn fundamental Python programming skills, which include inputs, outputs, variables, loops, and conditionals. Additionally, they will understand how these Python basics can be applied to Machine Learning as they engage in project-based learning to create algorithms and systems able to learn and make decisions.

Key Information about Learning Python Machine Learning

Learning Python Machine Learning involves gaining knowledge in multiple areas, including supervised and unsupervised learning, regression, classification, neural networks, machine learning algorithms such as linear regression and decision trees, and library usage like Scikit-learn, Pandas, and NumPy. Though Python Machine Learning can be complex, beginners can embark on the learning journey, but it may present certain difficulties for those without a solid foundation in programming or mathematics. 

The length of time it takes to learn Python Machine Learning can vary widely, depending on an individual's prior knowledge and how intensely they immerse themselves in studying, but it typically takes several months to a year. Prior to beginning the study of Python Machine Learning, it would be beneficial to have a good understanding of Python programming, concepts of linear algebra, calculus, statistics, probability, and a basic understanding of data structures. 

Before commencing Python Machine Learning, you will need a reliable computer, internet connection, and the appropriate software – an integrated development environment (IDE) like PyCharm or Jupyter Notebook, the Python programming language which can be obtained from Python official website, and the necessary machine learning libraries such as NumPy, Scikit-learn, and Pandas which can be installed via pip commands.

Career Paths & Job Outlook for Python Machine Learning

According to a Towards Data Science survey, usage of Python in the field of machine learning has seen a 35% increase. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that jobs for machine learning engineers, a role heavily reliant on Python, will grow by 25% from 2021 to 2031. The starting salary for roles involving Python Machine Learning, like a Data Scientist, ranges from $85,000 to $120,000, depending on location and industry. 

For experienced Machine Learning Engineers, an annual salary can range from $110,000 to $160,000. Roles that use Python Machine Learning include Data Scientists - who develop predictive models and algorithms, Machine Learning Engineers - who create and implement ML software, and Research Analysts - who analyze and interpret complex datasets to help guide decision-making.

What Can You Do With Python Machine Learning?

With Python Machine Learning, one can develop a multitude of elaborate functions and algorithms designed to identify patterns, classify data, predict outcomes, and even simulate human learning and decision-making. For example, a Data Scientist may utilize Python's popular libraries, such as Scipy for scientific computation, Pandas for data manipulation, and Matplotlib for data visualization, to build a predictive model that can forecast stock prices based on historical trends. In developing such a model, they would depend on Scikit-learn, a powerful tool in Python for both supervised and unsupervised machine learning. 

Supervised learning algorithms can predict an outcome based on input data, while unsupervised learning algorithms identify patterns or anomalies in data. Their model would also lean heavily on Keras and TensorFlow, Python libraries specifically designed for creating neural networks and deep learning models. 

They could also use Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK) and Spacy, two key Python libraries, for natural language processing if the project involves understanding or generating human language. A Data Scientist could use these tools to develop a chatbot, for example, that can understand and respond to customer inquiries. They could also exploit OpenCV, a Python library for real-time computer vision. 

A Python Developer could build a security application with OpenCV using face recognition technology to identify authorized personnel in a restricted area. Furthermore, Python's Machine Learning capabilities can be used in the healthcare industry. By using libraries like TensorFlow or PyTorch, a scientist can develop models that can help diagnose diseases by identifying patterns in medical imaging data. 

Top Python Machine Learning Tools For Beginners

  1. Python: Python programming is a general-purpose, high-level programming language used for data science, web development, machine learning, artificial intelligence, software development, data visualization, and more. Its many libraries make it a versatile language. As Python is a free, open-source language, it enjoys widespread popularity and an active community of supporters.
  2. NumPy: Numerical Python, or NumPy for short, is an essential library for performing mathematical and logical operations on arrays. NumPy offers several useful features for operations on matrices and n-arrays in Python.
  3. Pandas: Pandas is a Python library used for data manipulation and analysis. It is used to extract data and prepare it for analysis, and it can also perform a variety of complex data operations.
  4. Matplotlib: This is a Python library used for plotting various graphs and charts like line graphs, bar graphs, histograms, scatter plots, etc. It provides an object-oriented API for embedding plots into applications.
  5. Scikit-learn: Scikit-Learn is characterized by a clean, uniform, and streamlined API, as well as excellent online documentation. An added benefit of this uniformity is that once you understand the basic syntax ofScikit-Learn for one type of model, applying it to a new model or algorithm becomes straightforward.
  6. TensorFlow: Developed by Google, it is an open-source library of symbolic math used for both machine learning and neural networks. It provides both high-level APIs for beginners and lower-level APIs for more advanced users.
  7. Keras: This is an open-source neural-network library written in Python. It is user-friendly and easy to use over TensorFlow, which can appear to be confusing for beginners. Keras is highly productive for developers; it can run on top of TensorFlow and was developed with a focus on enabling rapid experimentation.
  8. PyTorch: PyTorch is an open-source machine learning library for Python, and it is used for applications such as natural language processing. It is primarily developed by Facebook's artificial intelligence research group and is noted for being easier to learn and use than TensorFlow.
  9. Seaborn: This Python data visualization library is based on Matplotlib and provides a high-level interface for drawing attractive and informative statistical graphics. It is an excellent tool for performing complicated visualizations.
  10. NLTK: Short for Natural Language Toolkit, NLTK is a library essential for building Python programs that work with human language data. It provides a suite of text process libraries for tokenization, classification, stemming, tagging, and semantic reasoning. It also provides interfaces that are easy to use for over 50 corpora and lexical resources. 

Python Machine Learning Comparison to Other Tools & Fields

Python Machine Learning is closely associated with various disciplines such as statistics, data visualization, data mining, and natural language processing. Statistics is fundamental to machine learning as it provides a mathematical background for understanding algorithms. Data visualization and data mining are employed in the data pre-processing stage to understand patterns and trends in data, remove outliers, etc. 

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is another application of machine learning which deals with the interaction between computers and human language. The diversity of these related fields reflects the interdisciplinary nature of machine learning, blending the precision of computational logic with the interpretive nuances of language and the rigor of statistical analysis.

Python Machine Learning Advantages

Python Machine Learning offers a simple and easy-to-understand syntax which makes it ideal for beginners. It also has a rich set of libraries and frameworks that simplify the complex algorithms of machine learning, such as Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, and PyTorch. Moreover, Python has a large community which means it offers extensive support and resource availability to developers.

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