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UX Design Classes Near Me

Best In-Person & Virtual Courses

User Experience (UX) Design is a multifaceted discipline that involves making products, services, or concepts user-friendly, accessible, and enjoyable by focusing on the overall experience a user has with the product. The spectrum of UX Design careers is broad, encompassing a range of roles such as UX Researcher, UX Designer, Information Architect, and Product Manager. The study of UX Design offers many advantages for individuals because it increases marketability in the job market, allows for the creation of more engaging and effective products, and promotes a user-centered approach that is highly sought-after in today's design and technology industries

Top In-Person & Virtual UX Design Classes

UX Design Courses at Noble Desktop

Noble Desktop is a leading design and coding school in New York City. Founded in 1990, Noble Desktop offers hands-on classes and certificate programs in web design & development, graphic design, motion graphics, data science, UX, and digital marketing. Emphasizing a practical, hands-on learning approach, it provides students with the necessary skills to jump-start their careers in the dynamic fields of digital design, programming, data science, and online marketing, among others. Noble Desktop offers career-support services for students and all of its classes are available in person or through live online instruction.

UX & UI Design Certificate

  • Price: $3,495
  • Duration: 24 weeks
  • Locations: NYC, Live Online

The UX & UI Design Certificate at Noble Desktop offers an in-depth understanding of user experience and interface design, key elements of creating meaningful digital products. Students will learn vital skills like intuitive design, user empathy, and usability testing, along with real-world applications such as prototyping software, wireframing, and creating effective user interfaces.

UX Design Courses at General Assembly

General Assembly is a global learning community fostering proficiency in today’s most in-demand skills—from coding, data science, and UX design, to digital marketing, product management, and more—in a unique immersive and non-traditional format. Through robust training resources and expert instruction, General Assembly equips students to embrace the future of work, whether they are looking to reskill, upskill or kickstart a new career. General Assembly aims to foster a sense of empowerment through continuous learning and development.

UX Design Course

  • Price: $4,500
  • Duration: 60 hours
  • Locations: Several (see school website)

The UX Design course at General Assembly provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the end-to-end process of designing user experiences. Throughout the course, students will learn a range of core UX methods and concepts, including user interface design, usability and accessibility principles, and how to use research and analytics to drive design decisions.

UX Design Immersive

  • Price: $16,450
  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Locations: Several (see school website)

General Assembly's UX Design Immersive course in New York City allows students to master the concepts of user-centered design, including user research, rapid prototyping, and heuristic evaluation. This 12-week full-time program provides hands-on, professional training that imparts the necessary skills to create seamless digital experiences that meet users needs and business goals.

User Experience Design Bootcamp

  • Price: $250
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Locations: Several (see school website)

The User Experience Design Bootcamp at General Assembly is a hands-on intensive program designed to equip participants with the skills needed to design impactful digital experiences. Students will learn to apply design-thinking methodology, create user personas, map customer journeys, perform user testing, and prototype and iterate solutions to real-world design problems.

Product Design Bootcamp

  • Price: $374
  • Duration: 14 hours
  • Locations: Several (see school website)

Over two days at General Assembly's Product Design Bootcamp, students take a comprehensive dive into the realm of product design, covering a wide range of relevant topics such as user research, wireframing, prototyping, and usability testing. The course, which focuses on design thinking and human-centered design, is uniquely crafted to equip the participants with the skills necessary to create functional, intuitive and human-compatible products.

UX Design Courses at IronHack

Ironhack is a global tech school with campuses spread across nine countries. It offers courses in web development, UX/UI design, and data analytics that are designed to arm students with the most in-demand digital skills while addressing the gap in the tech industry.

UX/UI Design bootcamp (Full-time)

  • Price: $12,500
  • Duration: 9 weeks
  • Locations: Miami

The UX/UI Design Bootcamp at Ironhack provides a comprehensive, immersive experience, dedicated to turning students into job-ready professionals in the field of design. The nine-week program involves intensive coursework in the areas of design thinking, creating user personas and journeys, wireframing, prototyping, as well as testing and iterating designs, preparing students to design and optimize user-friendly applications and websites.

UX/UI Design Part-time

  • Price: $13,000
  • Duration: 24 weeks
  • Locations: Miami

Ironhack's UX/UI design part-time course at IronHack in Miami is a 24-week program designed to immerse students in modern interface and experience design techniques. Through multiple hands-on projects, students gain a deep understanding of user-centered design, learn to create user personas, and develop interactive prototypes using industry-standard tools.

UX Design Courses at Wyncode

Wyncode is a programming bootcamp that equips students with an in-depth understanding of web development and essential coding languages such as JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, HTML, and CSS. Through its immersive, practical approach, Wyncode positions students to cultivate problem-solving skills and immense expertise necessary for a successful and dynamic career in technology fields.

UX / UI Immersive

  • Price: $15,000
  • Duration: 10 weeks
  • Locations: Miami

The UX/UI Immersive course at Wyncode focuses on training students to become adept at designing captivating user experiences and interfaces. This course includes in-depth modules on research, ideation, wireframing, prototyping, user testing and more, enabling students to master the entire design-thinking process.

UX Design Courses at Devmountain

Devmountain is a reputable coding bootcamp designed for individuals seeking skills in development, UX design, or iOS development. It offers immersive courses in a variety of formats and schedules to allow students to learn practical and up-to-date techniques in an interactive and supportive environment.

User Experience Design Immersive

  • Price: $9,900
  • Duration: 13 weeks
  • Locations: Salt Lake City

The User Experience Design Immersive course at Devmountain offers individuals the opportunity to delve into the field of UX design over an intensive 13-week period. Students engage in comprehensive training, learning indispensable aspects like user research, information architecture, design thinking, UI design, and motion design so they can create efficient user-centered prototypes and design solutions.

UX Design Remote

  • Price: $9,900
  • Duration: 13 weeks
  • Locations: Live Online

The UX Design Remote course at DevMountain is a comprehensive online program aimed at instilling design thinking, user empathy, and prototyping skills among its students. Throughout the course, students develop work-ready portfolios by applying practical UX methodologies such as wireframing, user testing, and information architecture to real-world usability problems.

UX Bootcamp Part-Time

  • Price: $9,900
  • Duration: 16 weeks
  • Locations: Salt Lake City

At DevMountain's UX Bootcamp Part-Time, students dive deep into user-centric design methodologies and hands-on application, developing skills in areas such as interaction design, user research, information architecture, and usability testing. Participants actively engage in team projects, real case studies, personal portfolio development, and job-readiness training over a 16-week period, preparing them for a successful career in user experience design.

UX Design Part-Time Remote

  • Price: $9,900
  • Duration: 16 weeks
  • Locations: Live Online

The UX Design Part-Time Remote course at Devmountain provides a comprehensive and interactive platform for working professionals and students to learn essential UX/UI design skills after hours. The course, which runs for 16 weeks, focuses on teaching real-world design tools and equips students with knowledge on user research, competitive analysis, prototyping, user testing, and design presentations.

UX Design Courses at Thinkful

Thinkful is a comprehensive online learning platform that focuses on equipping students with industry-relevant skills for today's workforce. By providing mentor-guided courses in coding, data science, design, and product management, Thinkful integrates practical, hands-on learning with professional development to support students' career progression.

UX/UI Design Immersion

  • Price: $12,150
  • Duration: 5 months
  • Locations: Live Online

The UX/UI Design Immersion Program at Thinkful is a comprehensive full-time course that teaches the necessary skills to excel as a UX/UI Designer. It provides a deep dive into UX research, design thinking, visual design principles and prototyping, equipping learners to create user-centered digital products.

UX/UI Design Flex

  • Price: $7,000
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Locations: Live Online

The UX/UI Design Flex course at Thinkful is tailored to give students a comprehensive understanding of user experience and user interface design processes, with in-depth insight into design thinking, prototyping, testing, and other essential industry tools. Flexibly paced, the program offers personalized mentorship along with real-world projects to ensure students build a job-ready portfolio, encapsulating skills such as research methodologies, wireframing, information architecture, and responsive design.

UX Design Courses at The Tech Academy

The Tech Academy is a leader in technology education that equips students with comprehensive, real-world knowledge. Offering courses in various fields such as software development, data science, UI/UX design, and cybersecurity, it assists students in gaining practical experience and skills that the tech industry demands.

UI/UX Designer Bootcamp Full-Time

  • Price: $13,307
  • Duration: 15 weeks
  • Locations: Several (see school website)

The UI/UX Designer Bootcamp at The Tech Academy is a comprehensive full-time course that focuses on training students on user interface and user experience design prowess. Throughout this intense bootcamp, students will learn, understand, and apply core principles of user-centric design, enhancing their skill to build effective prototypes and wireframes, conduct usability testing and interpret data, hence enabling them to launch a successful career in UI/UX design.

UI/UX Designer Bootcamp Part-Time

  • Price: $19,974
  • Duration: 28 weeks
  • Locations: Several (see school website)

The part-time UI/UX Designer Bootcamp at The Tech Academy is a comprehensive program that provides a deep dive into user research, information architecture, web design principles, and interactive design. Built for flexibility, the program is designed to empower students with the essential tools and real-world experience to get started or advance in the field of user experience and user interface design.

UX Design Courses at LearningFuze

LearningFuze is a full immersion coding bootcamp designed to transform students into skilled developers. It offers comprehensive programs in web development, UI/UX design, and data science, equipping students with a robust set of skills in demand in today's tech-driven industries.

Part-Time UI/UX Bootcamp

  • Price: $7,990
  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Locations: Los Angeles

The Part-Time UI/UX Bootcamp at LearningFuze is an intensive course specifically designed to equip students with skills such as designing user interfaces, building user personas, wireframing, and rapid prototyping. In addition to core course work, the program also provides a foundation in understanding user experience principles, responsive design, and using design tools effectively.

UX Design Courses at UCLA Extension

UCLA Extension is an esteemed program dedicated to professional development and personal growth within the University of California, Los Angeles community. Offering a wide array of dynamic courses from Business, Arts, Engineering to Public Health, it encourages students to enrich their professional knowledge, explore new interests, and stay ahead of emerging trends in their respective fields.

User Experience Certificate

  • Price: $6,310
  • Duration: 1 year
  • Locations: Several (see school website)

The User Experience Certificate course equips students with comprehensive skills in creating intuitive experiences and designing compelling digital interfaces. Across five required courses and four electives, students delve into user-centered design processes, exploring topics such as information architecture, interaction design, and usability evaluation, ultimately learning to design products that provide an enriching user experience.

UX Design Courses at Nashville Software School

Nashville Software School (NSS) equips aspiring software developers and data scientists to deepen their skills and knowledge in coding. At NSS, students learn industry-oriented competencies in comprehensive full-time and part-time programs, immersing themselves in a variety of languages and technologies, including Javascript, Python, Swift, C#/.NET, Data Analytics, and more.

UI & UX For Digital Product Design

  • Price: $2,500
  • Duration: 4 months
  • Locations: Several (see school website)

The UI & UX for Digital Product Design course at Nashville Software School equips students with comprehensive knowledge on design techniques and tools essential in the creation of intuitive and user-friendly digital products. The curriculum delves into key concepts such as user research, wireframing, prototyping, visual design, usability testing, and more, focusing on practical skills that enhance students' readiness to take on real-world projects.

UX Design Courses at Rice University Boot Camps

Rice University Boot Camps offers career-oriented programs designed to equip students with sought-after skills in today’s rapidly evolving technology industry. From full-stack web development, cybersecurity, and data analytics to fintech, the comprehensive curricula provide hands-on training, allowing learners to master the essentials while also offering valuable real-world experience.

UX/UI Boot Camp

  • Price: $11,495
  • Duration: 24 weeks
  • Locations: Several (see school website)

The UX/UI Boot Camp at Rice University Boot Camps is a comprehensive, part-time program that enables students to acquire key skills in various disciplines including interaction design, user research, prototype testing, and front-end web development. Through collaborative projects and real-world scenarios, students will not only gain hands-on experience but also build a robust portfolio demonstrating their proficiency to prospective employers.

UX Design Courses at University of Denver Boot Camps

The University of Denver Boot Camps provides immersive and rigorous training in digital fields such as coding, data analytics, and UX/UI design. With its combination of dynamic classroom instruction led by skilled professionals and comprehensive hands-on projects, students are empowered to build important technological skills and a competitive portfolio that can help them steer their careers in new directions.

UX/UI Boot Camp

  • Price: $10,995
  • Duration: 24 weeks
  • Locations: Several (see school website)

The UX/UI Boot Camp at University of Denver Boot Camps is an engaging and intensive part-time program aimed at educating students in a comprehensive set of design disciplines. Students gain hands-on experience in creating user-friendly designs and conducting user research, and master tools such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch and InVision, all while building a robust portfolio of projects that showcases their ability to solve complex problems.

UX Design Courses at UT Austin Boot Camps

UT Austin Boot Camps offer extensive training programs in various high-demand domains like data science, coding, cyber security, UX/UI, and digital marketing. This platform empowers students with practical technical skills and system-based knowledge to excel in their respective fields, through a meticulously curated curriculum delivered by experienced industry professionals.

UX/UI Boot Camp

  • Price: $11,995
  • Duration: 24 weeks
  • Locations: Several (see school website)

The UX/UI Boot Camp at UT Austin Boot Camps, offered through the University of Texas at Austin, presents a multifaceted, comprehensive learning program bridging user experience, user interface and visual design disciplines. Over the span of 24 weeks, students engage in intensive, hands-on training, learning fundamentals like user-centric design, visual prototyping and wireframing, and dive into industry-standard software tools including Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch, preparing them for a dynamic career in UX/UI.

UX Design Courses at UofT SCS Boot Camps

UofT SCS Boot Camps offer a comprehensive learning experience designed to equip students with valuable industry skill sets. Participants can delve into challenging yet exciting fields like web development, data analytics, UX/UI, cybersecurity, and fintech. Students learn through hands-on activities with a curriculum that incorporates new technologies and tools relevant in today's competitive landscape.

UX/UI Boot Camp

  • Price: $10,500
  • Duration: 24 weeks
  • Locations: Several (see school website)

The UX/UI Boot Camp at the University of Toronto allows enrollees to learn significant skills in user experience and interface design, including design theory principles, user-centric development, usability testing, and the creation of dynamic user interfaces. Throughout the program, students construct a professional portfolio containing real-world projects that they can leverage when pursuing UX/UI careers.

UX Design Courses at Columbia Engineering Boot Camps

Columbia Engineering Boot Camps offer individuals immersive, dynamic training in various tech disciplines such as web development, data analytics, cybersecurity, fintech, and UX/UI design. Designed as part-time or full-time programs, students can gain proficiency in cutting-edge technologies, enhancing their technical skills through hands-on projects and interactive learning.

UX/UI Boot Camp

  • Price: $13,495
  • Duration: 24 weeks
  • Locations: Several (see school website)

The UX/UI Boot Camp at Columbia Engineering is an intensive program that immerses students in a comprehensive curriculum, equipping them with the specialized skills necessary for a career in user experience and user interface design. Through a blend of online learning and hands-on projects, students will learn key aspects of design theory and application including visual design, user experience design, front end web development, and the use of industry tools such as Sketch, Illustrator, and InVision.

UX Design Courses at Georgia Tech Boot Camps

Georgia Tech Boot Camps offer in-depth programs in coding, data science, cybersecurity, UX/UI, and digital marketing. The immersive courses taught by industry-experienced educators equip students with a diverse range of technical knowledge and skills, from basic coding languages to advanced data analytics, empowering them to tackle real-world challenges in their chosen field of study.

UX/UI Boot Camp

  • Price: $10,000
  • Duration: 24 weeks
  • Locations: Several (see school website)

The UX/UI Boot Camp at Georgia Tech Boot Camps offers a comprehensive, part-time program in user experience and interface design strategies, covering critical areas such as wireframing, prototyping, and usability testing. Students will gain practical experience through hands-on projects, learning to apply design principles, use industry-standard software, and create responsive designs for web applications and mobile devices.

UX Design Courses at UCF Boot Camps

At UCF Boot Camps, students are empowered with the practical skills needed in the fast-evolving digital world. They offer part-time courses in coding, data analytics, UX/UI design, and digital marketing, granting students a hands-on learning experience that positions them for opportunities in these industries.

UX/UI Boot Camp

  • Price: $10,995
  • Duration: 24 weeks
  • Locations: Several (see school website)

The UX/UI Boot Camp at UCF Boot Camps is an immersive, hands-on training program that equips students with the fundamental skills necessary to build intuitive digital experiences. Over the course of 24 weeks, participants learn to make strategic design decisions using key tools such as Sketch, InVision and Illustrator, and refine their understanding of user testing, interface design, and responsive web design.

UX Design Courses at GW Boot Camps

At GW Boot Camps, students can broaden their knowledge base and sharpen their professional skills through comprehensive, interactive programs in data science and analytics, coding, fintech, cybersecurity, and UX/UI. These intensive courses aim to equip students with critical industry skills. 

UX/UI Boot Camp

  • Price: $10,000
  • Duration: 24 weeks
  • Locations: Several (see school website)

The UX/UI bootcamp at GW Boot Camps is a comprehensive part-time program that focuses on end-to-end user-centric design, including skill sets in visual communication, design thinking, user research and testing, interactive design, front-end web prototyping, and resume-building project work. Students gain proficiency in tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Balsamiq, InVision, and many more, enabling them to design app and web experiences that satisfy users' needs and behaviors.

UX Design Courses at Berkeley Boot Camps

Berkeley Boot Camps offer students an immersive learning experience with a robust selection of programs in fields such as coding, data science, and cybersecurity, among others. This enables keen learners to gain in-depth knowledge and practical skills through interactive, real-world scenarios, paving the way for them to excel in tech-driven industries.

UX/UI Boot Camp

  • Price: $12,495
  • Duration: 24 weeks
  • Locations: Several (see school website)

Berkeley's UX/UI Boot Camp is an extensive part-time program encompassing both user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design realms within its comprehensive curriculum. The course primes students with essential skills like using UX/UI software such as Sketch and InVision, along with the knowledge of front-end web prototyping, user-centric design, and project management techniques.

UX Design Courses at University of Minnesota Boot Camps

The University of Minnesota Boot Camps offer comprehensive, dynamic programs in several high-demand disciplines such as web development, data science, and cybersecurity. The students can not only acquire necessary technical skills but can also gain a robust learning experience that fosters problem-solving abilities and innovative thinking, preparing them for the tech industry.

UX/UI Boot Camp

  • Price: $10,995
  • Duration: 24 weeks
  • Locations: Several (see school website)

The UX/UI Boot Camp at University of Minnesota Boot Camps offers a comprehensive curriculum focused on teaching user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design skills, covering areas such as visual design, prototype testing, and front-end web development. Participants in the course will learn how to create user-centric digital experiences and get hands-on training in software tools like Sketch, InVision, and Adobe Suite, positioning themselves for a career in the fast-growing field of UX/UI design.

UX Design Courses at School of Visual Concepts

The School of Visual Concepts is a leading institution that focuses on offering courses and workshops in graphic design, advertising, branding and marketing, among other areas. Students here have the flexibility to explore a wide variety of innovative fields, taking advantage of the focused curriculum to develop professional skills in art direction, copywriting, information design, user experience, web development, and even digital marketing.

Figma Fundamentals

  • Price: $425
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Locations: Several (see school website)

The Figma Fundamentals course at SVC Seattle equips students with the skills to create collaborative interface designs utilizing Figma, a cloud-based design tool. Students learn to craft responsive layouts, build comprehensive design systems, and produce interactive prototypes using Figma's versatile tool set.

Writing for User Experience

  • Price: $525
  • Duration: 15 hours
  • Locations: Several (see school website)

The Writing for User Experience course at School of Visual Concepts equips students with the skills to create helpful and engaging user interfaces, contributing to a better overall user experience. During the course, students will uncover the secret to writing clear instructional text, creating compelling calls to action, and developing a better understanding of their users, as well as crafting content that suits various screen sizes.

UX Design Courses at Sonic Training

Sonic Training is a highly-regarded professional development center that offers its students comprehensive technology, creative, and management courses. Here, students can enhance their knowledge base and skill sets in various areas including web development, graphic design, project management, and digital marketing, while also acquiring essential soft skills like leadership and communication.

UX/UI Design Introduction / Intermediate

  • Price: $695
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Locations: Several (see school website)

At Sonic Training, the UX/UI Design Introduction/Intermediate course teaches students key skills such as how to create innovative designs and efficiently test user interfaces. Consisting of 18 individual sections, the course material covers understanding business requirements, user and market research, information architecture, usability testing, and the art of interaction design. Learning these skills enables students to create balanced and engaging user experiences.

UX Design Courses at Beachcoders Academy

At Beachcoders Academy, students are offered an immersive dive into the world of coding and web development. The academy fosters an environment of focused learning where students acquire critical skills in UX design, front-end web development, JavaScript, and more, preparing them for dynamic careers in the tech world.

User Experience Design: ULTIMATE UX

  • Price: $2,477
  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Locations: Several (see school website)

Beachcoders Academy's User Experience Design: ULTIMATE UX is a comprehensive course designed to equip students with in-demand UX Design skills. The students will learn to utilize various UX tools and processes, create engaging interfaces, comprehend user research data and tactics, view business strategy from a UX perspective, and ultimately execute rich, user-centered design solutions.

UX Design Courses at UC Irvine Boot Camp

UC Irvine Boot Camp offers a wide array of intensive, part-time programs in various disciplines such as coding, data analytics, UX/UI, cybersecurity, and digital marketing. It provides students the opportunity to gain in-demand skills through engaging hands-on classroom experiences and access to leading industry professionals.

UX/UI Boot Camp

  • Price: $12,495
  • Duration: 24 weeks
  • Locations: Several (see school website)

UC Irvine's UX/UI Boot Camp is a part-time program where students gain proficiency with the user-centric design skills currently in demand in the industry. This class provides hands-on training in user interface and user experience design methodologies, interaction design, responsive web design, and other relevant applications to help students build a comprehensive portfolio demonstrating their ability to solve complex user-centric design problems.

UX Design Courses at Prime Digital Academy

Prime Digital Academy is an innovative educational institution specializing in teaching essential technology skills in high demand in today's digital economy. Students can learn full-stack software engineering and UX design, delve into emerging technologies, and be prepared for their future careers by developing not only technical skills but also soft skills such as problem-solving, collaboration, and effective communication.

User Experience Design

  • Price: $16,000
  • Duration: 18 weeks
  • Locations: Several (see school website)

Through Prime Digital Academy's User Experience Design course, students gain a comprehensive understanding of the process and principles involved in designing an efficient and engaging user journey. Key topics include user research, interaction design, user-centered design strategies, design thinking, project management, prototyping, and testing, as well as valuable communication and presentation skills for showcasing UX design work.

UX Design Courses at Miami Ad School

Miami Ad School is a world-renowned creative institution that offers dedicated and aspiring creatives an innovative platform to explore the realms of advertising, design, and communication, through novel methods and perspectives. Students gain invaluable industry insights and hands-on experiences through a vast array of programs, including art direction, copywriting, digital design, and content creation. Classes focus on honing strategic thinking, fostering creativity, and mastering modern tools and techniques.

UX Design

  • Price: $6,500
  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Locations: Atlanta, Miami, Sydney, Toronto

Miami Ad School's UX Design course provides comprehensive training that is designed to help students understand how to build engaging and interactive user experiences. It includes coursework in user research and testing, interaction design, prototyping, coding, analytics, and presentation, and more.

UX Design Courses at Sydney Community College

Sydney Community College is a premier institute for adult education, offering a comprehensive range of short courses in Arts, Humanities, and Sciences. It provides a vibrant learning community where individuals can enhance their knowledge and skills from languages, visual arts, and creative writing to finance, business courses, and health and fitness programs.

User Experience (UX) Design Course

  • Price: $199
  • Duration: 14 hours
  • Locations: Several (see school website)

The User Experience (UX) Design Course at Sydney Community College offers a comprehensive understanding of all elements of UX design, equipping students with the skills necessary to design user-friendly digital interfaces. Aspiring designers will learn key aspects of UX such as usability testing, interaction design, wireframing and prototyping, while also gaining insights on engaging with clients and stakeholders effectively.

UX Design Courses at University of Sydney Centre for Continuing Education

The University of Sydney Centre for Continuing Education offers a myriad of learning opportunities for anyone looking to build their skills or widen their knowledge. With an exceptional range of courses from languages, arts, business, lifestyle and more, students get a chance to delve into new interests, upgrade their professional skills, or even kick-start a new career path.

An Introduction to User Experience (UX) Design

  • Price: $496
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Locations: Several (see school website)

The Introduction to User Experience (UX) Design course provides an engaging learning environment for students to explore the foundational concepts of UX design including key techniques and theories. Students not only learn design thinking and customer journey mapping, but also gain valuable experience in prototyping, testing, and iterating designs by participating in a project presenting a real-world UX design challenge.

UX Design Courses at Deep Dive Coding

Deep Dive Coding offers an extensive range of immersive coding boot camps, providing students the opportunity to delve into the comprehensive world of technology and software development. From mastering web development languages like JavaScript, to navigating Python and gaining critical skills in data science, students are empowered to acquire high-in-demand tech skills, allowing a smooth transition into the rapidly evolving tech industry.

User Experience / User Interface (UX/UI) Design

  • Price: $2,995
  • Duration: 15 weeks
  • Locations: Several (see school website)

The User Experience/User Interface (UX/UI) Design course at Deep Dive Coding equips students with essential skills needed to design user-friendly, intuitive digital experiences. The course covers a broad spectrum that includes design thinking, prototyping, usability testing, as well as the tools for creating user-focused designs. By the end of the class, students understand how to build engaging websites, applications, and other digital platforms.

UX Design Courses at Kenzie Academy

Kenzie Academy stands as an innovative tech training school, providing comprehensive programs in software engineering and UX design. Catering to both remote and in-person learners, it equips students with top-tier, real-world skills in code writing, software development, and user experience methodologies, preparing them for competitive positions in the thriving technology industry.

UX Design Career Program Part-Time

  • Price: $11,000
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Locations: Several (see school website)

At Kenzie Academy, the part-time UX Design Career Program provides a comprehensive introduction to crucial aspects of design thinking, user interface, and user experience, through a project-based curriculum. Students enrolled are taught to understand the user's needs, create engaging experiences, and learn to use design tools like Figma.

UX Design Courses at Juno College of Technology

Juno College of Technology is a trailblazer in the world of technical education, dedicated to providing its students with a well-rounded knowledge-base in critical tech skills such as web development, UX design, and data analytics. Set in a supportive and dynamic learning environment, this institution empowers its learners to transform their passion for tech into a thriving career, while further nurturing their problem-solving skills, creativity, and the ability to work seamlessly in teams.

UX Design

  • Price: $2,000
  • Duration: 48 hours
  • Locations: Toronto, Live Online

At Juno College of Technology, the UX Design course offers an in-depth understanding of user-centered design, with a focus on research, ideation, concept validation, and prototyping. Students will get hands-on experience constructing usable interfaces, learning industry-standard tools such as Sketch, InVision, and Marvel, along with mastering collaborative teamwork and presentation tactics necessary for a successful career in UX Design.

UX Design Courses at Barcelona Code School

Barcelona Code School is an innovative educational institute, where students are provided a platform to grow their technical skills in the field of web development. As part of this comprehensive program, students can learn and master a wide variety of topics, ranging from JavaScript to React, in order to set the stage for a successful career in the technology realm.

UX/UI Design Bootcamp

  • Price: $5,800
  • Duration: 9 weeks
  • Locations: Barcelona

Barcelona Code School's UX/UI Design Bootcamp is an intensive, project-based training program geared towards onboarding students into the professional design field. The course combines lectures, hands-on experience, and individual projects. Students gain essential skills in user experience and user interface design including requirements gathering, user research, prototyping, design tools, and user testing.

UX Design Courses at Coderhouse

Coderhouse is a well-established, forward-thinking educational institution that provides a plethora of courses primarily in design, programming, and digital marketing fields. Aspiring students can leverage Coderhouse's immersive classes to gain a deep understanding and practical knowledge on a wide range of topics such as user experience design, full-stack development, Google Ads, among other digital skills.

UX/UI Design Career

  • Price: $3,400
  • Duration: 38 weeks
  • Locations: Buenos Aires

The UX/UI Design Career course at Coderhouse guides students in designing digital interfaces that offer optimal user experiences. The course is comprehensive, covering key themes such as prototype creation, user testing, digital design tools, UX principles, and the implementation of UI kits, ultimately equipping students with the knowledge and skills for a successful career in UX/UI design.

UX Design Courses at V School

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, V School is an immersive, industry-led tech school committed to bridging the gap between education and employment. Specializing in coding and UX/UI design, students are exposed to cutting-edge digital skill sets in addition to career preparation, providing them with the resources and knowledge required to excel in today's technology-driven world.

UX/UI Design

  • Price: $2,100
  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Locations: Live Online

At V School, the UX/UI Design course offers comprehensive training in creating user-centered digital experiences, covering essential skills such as user research, wireframing, prototyping, visual design, user testing, and HTML/CSS. The course, which integrates team-based projects and real-world case studies, aims to equip students with the ability to make informed design decisions and develop functional, aesthetically pleasing user interfaces.

UX Design Courses at Nuclio Digital School

Nuclio Digital School is an innovative education hub focused on training professionals in dynamic digital disciplines such as digital business, data science, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. Offering a combination of practical knowledge and theoretical understanding, students are equipped with valuable skills that are demanded by the modern digital economy.

Master in UX/UI Design

  • Price: $7,500
  • Duration: 16 weeks
  • Locations: Live Online

The Master in UX/UI Design course at Nuclio Digital School equips students with mastery in designing compelling and highly functional digital experiences. It provides in-depth knowledge in areas like user research, ideation, design wireframing, prototype building, user testing, and mastering key design tools, ultimately preparing students to excel in the fast-evolving digital world.

UX Design Courses at Talent Academy

Talent Academy is a premier educational platform that offers an array of enriching courses across various disciplines. Students can deepen their knowledge in fields like arts, technology, business, and languages, allowing them to unlock their full potential and thrive in their chosen path.

UX Design

  • Price: $806
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Locations: Ontario, CA

At Talent Academy's UX Design course, students delve into user research, wireframing, prototyping, and usability testing to create intuitive and pleasing digital experiences. The course is practical-oriented, allowing learners to work on real-life projects to harness the ability to define the user experience and implement solutions that meet users' needs and expectations.

Key Information about Learning UX Design

In a UX Design class, learners will engage with a variety of topics. These might range from user empathy and journey mapping, to interaction design, usability testing, and prototyping. In spite of the subject's seeming complexity, beginners are completely able to grasp UX design, provided they are willing to invest time and effort. The duration of the learning process depends largely on the individual's dedication as well as potential prior background in related fields, but typically, a structured UX Design course can be completed in 6-10 months. Though not absolutely required, having a foundational understanding of project management, knowledge of basic design principles, or experience with a digital drawing tool can pave a smoother road towards mastering UX Design. Before starting the course, users must have access to a computer and a stable internet connection, and they may need to download software such as InVision or Figma.

Career Paths & Job Outlook for UX Design

According to Statistica, UX design has a projected growth rate of 22% between 2019 and 2029. With UX Design becoming increasingly critical in business operations, it’s no wonder that there is increasing demand for UX design skills. TheBureau of Labor Statistics further supports this growth indicating that the average number of job postings for UX Designers has doubled from 2015-2020. 

For those just entering the industry, the average starting salary for a UX Designer ranges from $59,000 to $83,000. More experienced UX Design professionals can command salaries from $89,000 to $114,000 or more. In varying roles, these professionals might monitor website usage data, design and implement interfaces for applications or websites, conduct user testing, and create wireframes and prototypes to aid developing processes in different industries.

What Can You Do With UX Design?

A professional with UX design skills can create a plethora of assets that enhance the user experience on a digital platform. An example would be an interactive, user-friendly mobile application that employs wireframes, user flows, and prototypes. In this case, the UX Designer would use tools like Sketch or Figma for wireframing and prototyping, and libraries such as Material-UI to adhere to the latest design standards. 

Another quintessential output a UX Designer can create is a seamless e-commerce website. This entails creating user personas to understand the target audience demographics, implementing usability testing to observe user interactions, and strategizing on information architecture to improve the site's navigability. Features like efficient search functions, easy checkouts, and personalized recommendations can be included. This is usually achieved through high-end coding frameworks such as React.js, or using user-experience platforms like Adobe XD or InVision. 

A UX Designer can also create an engaging user interface for a company's internal portals. They can include features such as dashboards, data visualization boards, or interactive training platforms. This would utilize skills in graphic design, data interpretation, and a good understanding of the company's business operation. Tools like Tableau for data visualization and Adobe Illustrator for graphic design could come into play here. 

Moreover, a UX designer with skills in Python or Javascript libraries such as D3.js could create interactive data visualizations. These can help users comprehend complex data patterns. For instance, they might create an interactive world map illustrating the global distribution of a particular disease. 

A UX Design professional can also conduct user research and usability testing. This involves using tools like UserZoom or Lookback to gather user feedback through surveys, user interviews, A/B testing, and heat maps. The results can be analyzed to better understand user behavior and improve the existing design, enhancing the overall user experience.

Top UX Design Tools For Beginners

  1. Sketch: Sketch is a digital design toolkit that allows you to create adaptable interface elements, complex diagrams, and other user interface designs. This tool is efficient for the prototyping phase of the design process.
  2. InVision: InVision is a useful tool for quick prototyping, collaboration, and workflow platform. It allows designers to create interactive mockups for designs which can be shared and tested on any device.
  3. Figma: This cloud-based design tool allows real-time collaboration, which makes it ideal for team projects. You can create designs and prototypes for websites and apps, work with others in the same project, leave feedback through comments, and more.
  4. Balsamiq: Balsamiq is a rapid wireframing tool that reproduces the experience of sketching on a whiteboard, but digitally. Its purpose is to encourage designing, revising, and iterating quickly in the early stages of design.
  5. AxureRP: This tool is a wireframing, rapid prototyping, and specification tool that helps you design the right solution and align your team in doing so.
  6. Marvel: Marvel is an all-in-one platform with robust design capabilities, a user-friendly interface, and an excellent user-testing feature. This tool allows you to create screens directly in the program or add your images from Sketch or Photoshop.
  7. UserTesting: This tool lets you witness real users interact with your products. This qualitative usability testing has users perform specified tasks while speaking their thoughts out loud.
  8. UsabilityHub: It is a platform to get quick, actionable feedback on your designs. You can test a new design or concept with a panel of testers and receive feedback within hours.
  9. Zeplin: Zeplin is a collaboration tool for designers and developers. Use Zeplin to generate style guides, resources, and assets automatically, shareable with your team.

UX Design Comparison to Other Tools & Fields

User experience (UX) design is intimately connected with a variety of other fields, programming languages, and subjects. For instance, UI (User Interface) design is a closely related field, focusing on the aesthetic and layout aspects of a design that a user interacts with, while UX design emphasizes the overall feel of the experience. Others, such as human-computer interaction (HCI) and information architecture (IA), underpin UX by examining how users interact with systems and manage information respectively. Programming, notably front-end languages like JavaScript, is pivotal to implementing UX design decisions and bringing interactive elements to life, whereas UX design gives direction and purpose to the implementation.

UX Design Advantages

UX design focuses on creating satisfying and meaningful experiences for users which can lead to higher user engagement, customer satisfaction, and potentially higher revenue. It involves researching, testing, and analyzing user behavior which can provide valuable insights for improving a product or service. Furthermore, good UX design improves usability and accessibility, making products easier and more enjoyable for people to use, thereby enhancing their overall user experience.

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