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Key Information
$425 6 Hours
Take your SQL skills to the next level in this advanced course. You’ll learn about subqueries, views, variables, functions, stored procedures, and more.
SQL proficiency equivalent to our SQL Level 2 course is required, including JOINs, aggregate functions, GROUP BY and HAVING, as well as working with CAST and date/time.
185 Madison Avenue, NYC or Live Online
Next start date: May 28 & 30, Tuesday & Thursday, 6–9pm
Other scheduling options Evenings or weekdays
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Free Retake Within 1 Year See our class policies for more details
Workbook Included
Financing See our Leif FAQ for more details
Target Audience
What You’ll Learn
  • Use Subqueries to grab data from anywhere in a database and use that result in another query
  • Query from Views instead of tables
  • Add If-Else logic to queries using CASE
  • Learn how to use Functions, and execute reusable Stored Procedures
  • Use String Functions to get just the part of text you need

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