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Key Information
WordPress for Coders
$425 6 Hours
If you already know how to code webpages as well as how to use the visual content management side of WordPress, and are looking to take more control over WordPress through the coding that works behind the scenes (coding WordPress themes and more), this is the class for you.
You should feel comfortable coding HTML and CSS, with knowledge equivalent to our Advanced HTML & CSS class. You should also know how to use WordPress, with knowledge equivalent to our WordPress: Create a Website or Blog class.
185 Madison Ave, NYC or Live Online
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Free Retake Within 1 Year See our class policies for more details
Workbook Included
Financing See our Climb Credit FAQ for more details
Target Audience
What You’ll Learn
  • Learn how to use code (HTML, CSS, and PHP) to customize/control various parts of WordPress.
  • Use CSS code to customize WordPress themes (which control the appearance of a WordPress site).
  • Install WordPress locally so you can write and test your code.
  • Learn WordPress developer best practices.
  • See how WordPress code functions behind the scenes so you can gain a better understand of how WordPress works.

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