Learn the Skills Guarantee™

The Learn the Skills Guarantee™ from NYC Career Centers (in partnership with Noble Desktop) ensures that you will walk away from our classes having learned the skills advertised in the program’s syllabus. It's our Money-Back Guarantee that your tuition and commitment earned you a new skill.

How We Guarantee You Learn the Skills

NYC Career Centers ensures that you will learn the skills in our courses because we provide the following:

  • A hands-on learning experience working on projects and exercises, which is proven to boost comprehension, retention, and engagement
  • Expert instructors who are industry professionals and experienced educators that are driven to help you succeed 
  • Top-notch curricula that have been tried and tested over many cohorts and are consistently improved for an optimal learning experience
  • Supplemental materials to assist both during and after the course - please refer to specific course pages to see what supplemental materials are offered
  • A 1-year free retake policy which allows students to retake any part of the course or program for free to refresh the materials and gain additional practice

Money-Back Guidelines

The Learn the Skills Guarantee™ ensures that you will learn at least 80% of the material advertised on the course syllabus if you follow the guidelines below or you'll receive a full refund of your tuition:

  • Ensure you meet the prerequisites. If you start a program and realize you don't have the prerequisite knowledge, let us know within the first 25% of the program and we'll switch your registration at no charge
  • Attend all classes live (either in-person or online). If you do have to miss a class, you will arrange with us to make up the class materials (each course will be handled on a case-by-case basis)
  • Complete required assignments during and outside of class (if required)
  • Leverage any resources that are provided to assist with your learning (books, videos, handouts, etc.)
  • If necessary, use your free retake to refresh the materials, gain additional practice time, and fill in anything you might have missed prior

If you don’t feel comfortable with more than 20% of the material advertised after following all the above guidelines, then you will send us a list of the topics you would like reviewed and we will create a custom learning plan to ensure you learn that information.

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