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Learn business writing and grammar to produce polished and effective business documents in hands-on classroom and corporate training in New York. Our business writing classes are taught by top instructors using our proprietary curriculum.

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Our Business Writing Classes courses are instructor-led in our Manhattan classrooms or live online (virtual learning).

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Drive team performance and efficiency with Career Centers’s industry-leading training. Send employees to our group classes or create a custom training program onsite.

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Highly Reviewed by Our Alumni

From our hands-on training style to world-class instructors and proprietary curriculum, we deliver a learning experience our alumni can be proud of.

Our Business Writing Classes are rated 4.8 stars by 657 students

in the past 24 months

Grace is everything you want in an instructor. In any class she is teaching you can be certain you will learn meaningful, relevant information.

NYU Langone Health

I highly recommend this Grammar Essentials class to anyone; you can always learn something new. It's amazing to observe how grammar has evolved over time compared to how it is viewed today.

This is a great course, and it is so helpful for someone transitioning from teaching to a corporate role.

Excellent! Worth every minute for people who want to improve their writing skills.

The class was a great reminder of many things forgotten from school. Now i can feel a little bit more comfortable about my writing.

The course was a good refresher on the importance of effective writing...beyond stating our purpose in communications we need to be polite, positive, and concise. Often, we are rushed in the day-to-day when clearing our inboxes. Going forward I will be more mindful in my writing - this is be valuable to my team and my effectiveness in dealing with executive leaders.

If you find yourself questioning your grammar or punctuation, this class is a great refresher!

Great class for reviewing the fundamentals of effective communication.

This is a great class for people who would like to enhance their writing technique.

Great course to take as a refresher on business grammar.

Grace was so thorough and provided meaningful activities, examples, and interactive discussion. Grace elevated the course with the class and discussion dynamics. She engaged all student attendees and was an active listener when it came to our Business Writing needs. It was a pleasure to have her as our instructor. I will recommend this course to my colleagues!

The Grammar and Advanced Business Writing course will take your English writing skills to the next level, wherever you start. The content is very thorough and adapts to the various levels I have seen in other participants in the class. I believe my writing skills were already at an advanced level and I have still improved a lot. My instructor Grace Hochheiser was fantastic, very punctual, and sharp on following the material, yet able to adapt to each student and provide individual guidance. She is also good at establishing rapport and creating a great learning environment.

If ever you were unsure of how to effectively write for business purposes, this course will show you the way.

I liked following along with the manual, and also how the class was interactive, instead of only instructional. Grace was very sweet and personable. She was patient with our responses and good at explaining the correct answers. I look forward to signing up for more classes with her.

The business writing class taught me so much. Grace is knowledgeable and patient. I can't say I have had a professor like her. She's awesome!

Grace is a knowledgeable, engaging, and enthusiastic instructor. Having taken the business writing course with her previously, I looked forward to my grammar essentials course with her! Her energy is immense, despite coming through a Zoom screen, and this helps carry you through the course. Grammar can be a boring and difficult subject, but Grace gives you positive feedback and encourages you to improve on the next in-class activity. In the two courses I have taken with Grace, she has been professional and polite to her students.

Time well spent.


For all those looking to learn to write in a more professional way, this course will help you not only in letter writing, but in interacting with your peers and associates more professionally. You can soak up all the knowledge.

Great class for many professions. Great for brushing up on writing skills for a variety of situations.

It's fun and interactive, not boring.

The instructor was great and I was able to clear up words that are used incorrectly in my writing.

NYU langone

Effective Business Writing was engaging, clear, and concise. I am glad I took the course.

Before taking a Business Writing class, I was scared to leave reviews. Now, I am screaming praise and joy thanks to Grace.

Grace is an enthusiastic, genuine and knowledgeable instructor. She takes the time to go through multiple writing examples and actively engage with her students. Her energy helps carry you through the course, with encouragements to keep you motivated on each class writing activity. She gives you quick feedback so you can immediately improve on the next activity. Hope to take more courses with Grace!

Effective Business Writing was a great interactive course. Extremely informative.

I was concerned the class would not be tailored to my skill level or needs. I was greatly surprised. The class offered a modern approach to writing with clarity and brevity. Thank you, Grace.

Would recommend to anyone who spends time writing either email or letters


Grace is a nice, patient instructor for Grammar Essentials and I really enjoy taking courses at Career Centers.


I'd recommend Effective Business Writing to just about anyone as the content is so rich and valuable, especially in today's fast paced and increasingly informal communication landscape. Grace is a wonderfully outgoing, thorough, and engaging instructor.

Liquidnet Holdings, Inc.

As a vice president, I lead a team of individuals that are tasked with writing on so many levels. This will be a mandatory for future team onboarding. As a professional I will apply the learning in future presentations and communications. Time and money well spent, highly encouraged for all leadership levels and industries.

Soho Experiential

I really enjoyed this class and got a lot out of it.

NYU Lanagone L.I.

Upcoming Business Writing Classes in NYC

All times are listed in Eastern Time unless otherwise specified.

July 2024
July 9
Tuesday 10–5pm
6 Hours
NYC or Live Online

Gain mastery over grammar. Learn how to avoid common mistakes and misspelled words that reflect poorly on your message. By the end of this course, you'll know essential grammar rules to improve your writing and have the skills to edit your own work to completely eliminate mistakes.

July 9–11
Weekdays 10–5pm
18 Hours
NYC or Live Online

This program includes our Grammar Essentials, Effective Business Writing, and Advanced Business Writing courses at a 20% discount. You'll learn practical strategies to sharpen your writing skills from idea to final draft, review essential grammar rules, and prepare complex multi-page business documents.

July 10
Wednesday 10–5pm
6 Hours
NYC or Live Online

Learn how to write effective emails, persuasive memos, and proposals that generate new business.  After taking this course, you'll be able to write clear sentences, organize your ideas, and write a variety of business documents for different audiences.

July 11
Thursday 10–5pm
6 Hours
NYC or Live Online

Master the art of effective business writing. Learn to focus your content and target the appropriate audience. By the end of this course, you'll be able to use both informative and persuasive writing techniques to reach your audience, whether internal or external and achieve your goals.

August 2024
August 5 & 7
Monday & Wednesday 6–9pm
6 Hours
NYC or Live Online

Gain mastery over grammar. Learn how to avoid common mistakes and misspelled words that reflect poorly on your message. By the end of this course, you'll know essential grammar rules to improve your writing and have the skills to edit your own work to completely eliminate mistakes.

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Business Writing Classes in NYC

Imagine winning every proposal you write, getting an interview for every cover letter you send, and securing new clients with cold emails alone. With effective business writing, you can do all of the above and more. Although most companies rely on technology to complete their work, communication skills, including the ability to write persuasively and convey ideas with clarity and brevity, are equally important.

At Career Centers, our business writing bootcamps and classes develop your writing skills by focusing on the following topics:

  • Organizing ideas
  • Writing persuasive arguments
  • Using diplomacy and tact

Writing business emails affects your bottom line. With the increasing reliance on remote systems like email for customer service and business proposals, it’s never been more important to write effectively. One email can turn a disgruntled client into your biggest fan. 

In addition to skill with writing, knowing your audience is also a must. A company memo explaining a new office policy and a pitch deck for a potential customer require two distinct writing styles. After taking our business writing bootcamp, you’ll be prepared to shift your writing style to suit different situations.

Business Writing Training in New York City 

Grammar Essentials

Although we’ve made significant technological strides, even the best spell check programs miss substantial errors. As a professional, your writing reflects your competence, intelligence, and professionalism. Just one grammar mistake—a typo, misused word, or poor sentence structure can turn off a potential client or elicit doubt in a steady customer. 

On the other hand, polished writing increases a client’s confidence and engagement with your business. After taking the Grammar Essentials Course at Career Centers, you will be able to edit your documents with eagle-eye attention-to-detail. Students in the Grammar Essentials course will discover the most common grammar errors, learn how to determine the appropriate form of a word, and write effectively for various professional audiences.

By the end of the course, students will have the skills to be their own spell check.

Business Writing 1

In our level one course, Effective Business Writing, you’ll improve in all aspects of writing from the initial idea to the final report. We’ll begin with an overview of the essential writing skills, including audience, structure, and word choice. By the end of the course, you’ll know the most common styles of writing used in the professional sector.

Given that writing has evolved in the digital age, electronic communication, including emails, texts, and chat messages are also covered in the course. We’ll review appropriate writing styles to deliver good, bad, and neutral news, like announcements. By the end of the course, you’ll have proposals and letters to add to your portfolio.

Business Writing 2

The Business Writing level two or advanced course explores more complicated documents. We’ll review how to outline and format papers, including timelines, pitches, and service agreements. In the advanced course, you’ll learn everything you need to know about writing for business.

The Advanced Business Writing course culminates in a final project—creating a professional document using the process learned in class. You will choose your audience, write an outline, and use appropriate delivery techniques to inform or persuade your readers. By the end of the course, you will have a portfolio of writing samples for prospective employers and have experience writing documents you’ll need on the job. 

Save on your enrollment, when you sign up for Business Writing Bootcamp, which includes Grammar Essentials, Effective Business Writing, and Advanced Business Writing.

Why You Should Register for Business Writing at Career Centers

At Career Centers, our Business Writing instructors are not just English majors or professional teachers. Our writing coaches have dedicated experience writing a variety of content in the professional sector. You can rest assured that you’re learning from experts that have spent years perfecting their business writing in a professional environment.

For over 20 years, Career Centers has helped professionals in New York City improve their writing and professional skills. Our Business Writing courses offer the best value for investment in Manhattan. Call us today to discuss your needs and discover the Business Writing course that is best for you.

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