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From our hands-on training style to world-class instructors and proprietary curriculum, we deliver a learning experience our alumni can be proud of.

Our Data Analytics Courses are rated 4.7 stars by 8,543 students

in the past 24 months

This Excel for Business Bootcamp was intense but informative. I learned a great deal and so many shortcuts. Thanks Shubhi, you were great.

I loved the instructor's style and real-life integration. It assisted in my learning and absorption. The class had very informative, relative, and actionable content. I would recommend this to all my peers.


I really loved the follow-along workbook. It made it easier to understand and learn the new functions being taught. I especially love that we have it for future reference when attempting to utilize the new tools learned.

I only wish I'd taken these courses earlier - so much of what I've learned would have made me far more efficient in my job. I look forward to using these skills and hope to take more classes from NYC Career Centers.

The content covered was excellent for beginner Excel and the resources for the course are sufficient. I have a PDF glossary of terms, I have a pre-made workbook to perform exercises, and I will have access to the recording of this class so I can practice the exercises outside of the live class and refer to the recording if I become stuck on an element of Excel.

Overall, highly recommend.

Really recommend this class to anyone seeking development in business and analytics.

If the class is about Excel and if the instructor is Debbie Cunningham, TAKE IT. Even if it's just a refresher course, I promise it will be both informative and enjoyable.

I highly recommend this Excel class for all.

This course is outstanding! Anyone who wants to learn all the basics of Excel for business and is a beginner should take this course. The instruction was excellent and the format of actually working through Excel problems to reinforce the different areas covered was outstanding!!!

Deutsche Bank

Instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful. He answered all of my questions. Overall great class!

Serene Home Nursing Agency

I enjoyed the dynamic of the class and will definitely recommend it to any one who wants to learn or needs a refresh

I have used Excel at work for years but I picked up so many tips and learned new functionality. I will be much more efficient after this class!


Excel made easy for beginners - class for every professional.

Really enjoyed this course. Super succinct and covers a wide range of topics.


OMG! Ade was an excellent instructor! He explained things in a very clear way; he was thorough yet not overwhelmingly so. Definitely would recommend.

Ortho Clinical

Very good! Day 2 of a 2 day course - really did not think the instructor (Peter) could have been better than day 1 instructor (Ade). While they are different, they are both great! I really appreciate the time Peter spent on the difficult topics today. Made them very simple to understand which will really help with recollection!

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Inc.

Michael was a great teacher. He had a great knowledge of the subject matter. His patience and calm demeanor was very helpful when dealing with a beginner level course. He was a terrific teacher. I would definitely take another class with him. - Jane


Great class if you're looking to enhance your professional skills!

David Yurman

The SQL I class was thorough, enjoyable, and made learning SQL easy! Will definitely continue the SQL courses and come back for Python. Great teachers and classrooms.


I feel confident about VLOOKUPs now after attending this course.

Lazard Asset Management

Great class! Definitely excited to take these tips into the workforce.

Small class sizes, patience experts with real life experience, and the opportunity to retake a course in 6 months! They really want you to succeed!

Point B

Great overview of basic Excel functions.

Thoughtful, digestible approach to honing Excel skills.


I am now an Excel Guru, no doubt!


Course covers useful concepts that you can use in a work environment. Beautiful, well-equipped facilities, nice instructors, and they also provide snacks which I was not expecting at all.


Here to Learn - Earn with what your Learn!

Mitsubishi Corporation

Really good way to get groundwork for VBA coding. Fast pace, real-world examples.

I hope this is the beginning of my new career!

The SQL class I took prepared me well for career growth.

Tableau Software

I've been taking classes here over the course of many years. Convenient location, class schedule availability, individual attention, reasonably priced. Great opportunity if you want a classroom setting.

I initially took this class for VLookups and Pivot Tables, but there were so many useful tools just for everyday tasks in the office. I would recommend this class to anyone. I'll be back for Advanced Excel. Thanks!!

Breaking Ground

Great class. Michael kept excel interesting, which is quite a feat. I would highly recommend.

An excellent start to put you on the right track toward your journey to software mastery.

The class was uniquely helpful in pointing out applications of the material we covered in the real world. Clearly experienced instructor.


The perfect boot camp to refresh my skills while also learning new, helpful tips! Great for beginners and experts alike. Would definitely take another class and recommend to other peers and colleagues.

I would recommend this class to anyone at any level

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

The course exceeded my expectations! A lot was placed into perspective for me as a moderate SQL user. The location and facility is very convenient. The class size is perfect.


I would sign up for any programming class through these services. They are informative and easy to understand which sends me on my way with real world skills.

MediaRadar, Inc.

Garfield was an excellent instructor and answered all questions no matter of your level. This was a great learning experience.

Very interactive, great way to build skills with Excel.

Helped me distinguish my strengths and weaknesses in Excel and really advanced my skills and understanding of the software.


This class was very helpful & the instructor was very knowledgeable on the subject. The class was very interactive and I would 10/10 suggest it to others.

Moody's Analytics

Whether you are looking to firm up your skills, learn new skills, or just get faster and more efficient at the skills you already have, this is a great training experience!

Uplift Education

The class for Tableau Level I is extremely valuable for anyone looking to learn data visualization. I look forward to applying the skills that I learned today in my future endeavors!


Perfect for beginners and those that have forgotten what they already knew about Excel.

Housing Works

Garfield's class was so informative, I would definitely return for refresher classes if I ever need to sharpen my skills. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!


Jeff was extremely knowledgeable. The course was well-structured with good examples. Very responsive to questions. I would highly recommend this instructor and seek them out for another course.

Public Health Management Corporation

Great class, taught me things about excel that I will definitely use in my profession.

One of the best Excel classes that I have taken.


Highly recommend to anyone looking to build technical skills in Excel.


These courses are not easy for the average person to get a grasp of. The instructor helped me to break through what I thought would be a very difficult thing for me to learn. I left with a strong feeling of self-confidence and I will use what I have learned here today. Thanks Patrick.

Housing Works

Great class, learned a lot about SQL via the bootcamp.

Great class for both beginners and more experienced students.

Would highly recommend to anyone interested in improving their Excel abilities. Garfield is particularly wonderful.

Amazing class. I needed a refresher on this information, especially Pivot Tables and macros. I loved Jordan's knowledge, professionalism, and personality. He made all of this information so much easier to understand. Thank you!

adidas AG

I did the all day class on a Sunday. I thought it would be a long grueling day, but it was actually enjoyable and went by really fast.

Merrill Lynch

Patrick is a fantastic instructor. This was my second time taking the Excel class with him. His pace is just right, he waits for every single person in the class to finish before he moves on to the next task and doesn't over-complicate things. He's always open to explaining again and sometimes shows shortcuts while he does that. His teaching style is incredible and I'd definitely recommend him.


Reinforced what I already new and learned many new skills and capabilities of SQL!


Liked the pace at which the class went and was able to cover all the concepts for the day.

Teaches tips and tools with step-by-step instructions that never leave you behind.


Career Centers is an excellent tool for advancement in the job market.

Career Centers worked with my organization and team to condense a 3-day training into a 2 day one that was specifically created for us which we were so grateful for! Jeff was an excellent instructor and adapted to the needs of the group as the course went on.

Fantastic approach to learning Excel. I would highly recommend the course to friends and colleagues.

Super helpful in giving me the foundations for SQL.


Great class that can greatly improve your excel skills!

Tishman Speyer

Zoom is a great way of Learning.


I highly recommend everyone who is in the workforce, or entering the career world to enroll with NYC Career Centers. The team wants their clients to succeed in their career. The classes I enrolled in are effective and efficient. They are worth a shot.

This class really taught me a lot and everything I learned will help me in my professional work.

Mitsubishi Corporation Americas

Ade is a great instructor. Very patient and very knowledgeable. I recommend taking any class he teaches.


Really helped me understand SQL better and improve my skill base.

I enjoyed this class very much. It was clear, hands on and jam packed.

Archcare Senior Life

Great class, for any level of experience. Worth the time, very interactive and informative as to learning this incredible program. Recommend for everyone!

Archcare at Home

Wow, never knew Excel had so many features to make my job easier.

ArchCare Senior Life

You will love Excel after taking this class instead of dreading it.


Really fun and excellent course. Highly recommend and I would take it again!

Overall, I would recommend this class. It's worth taking and definitely perfect for someone new to SQL.

Jeanette was great. She was very thorough and enthusiastic!!

Standard Motor Products

This class is great! It teaches you everything you ever wanted to know about SQL queries and more!!

Standard Motor Products

Learned so many tips and tricks. Thank you!

The class is very straight forward and easy to follow along. I learned new useful tricks I was not aware of before taking this class.

AmTrust Financial

Great class with good examples and resources to follow along.

AmTrust Financial

Plentiful training information to perform a quality job on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets!

Industrial Communications

The class session went very well. Ade does take the time to go through the lesson and allow students to ask questions.

Dept. of Environmental Protection-City of New York

Great class. The instructor constantly asked if anyone needed help - very attentive.

Garfield explains everything calmly, and answers the questions during class, or at break.

I found the class to be informative, interesting and helpful.

NYU Langone Medical Center

The instructor made it easy to follow and gave many opportunities to ask questions.


The class was excellent. Can't wait for the next step.

NYU Langone Health

I had a great overall experience and learned just enough for an Intro to Excel class. I want to take the next course!

New York University Langone Hospital

Before this course, I was using YouTube as my guide to create a perfect Excel sheet to present to my job. However, there is a lot of videos and a lot of different way on getting ONE specific thing done. Now, this course granted me more confidence and accuracy in my work. Thank you Garfield !

New York City Emergency Management

The perfect class for those who want to improve their Excel skillsets right away!

NYC Civic Corps

Excellent class. I highly recommend for all professionals.

NYU Langone Health

The class was very well taught and the experience was positive. I picked up many different tricks that I was not aware of previously.


Perfect for beginners and "self-starters". An excellent foundation and refresher. Ready to build since trained in an older version years ago.

NYU Langone Health Systems

Used MS Excel my whole life and learned so much!

JRM Construction Management

This class takes the scariness away of learning Excel - also makes you feel that you have accomplished something you feared!

Teaching Matters, Inc.

This class was relevant to what I'm doing at work. It gave me more confidence in SQL and taught me things that I wouldn't have even known to Google.

The class was helpful and a great learning experience via WebEx/Zoom.

Debbie did a great job walking us through useful shortcuts and different ways to navigate through Excel macros, Pivot Tables, and VLOOKUP.

Mike was an outstanding teacher and you can tell that he really enjoys the class. I would take another class with Mike if possible.

First National Realty Partners

If you want to learn more about SQL, Peter is the best instructor to have. He's patient and clearly knows what he is talking about.

Peter was very thorough and knowledgeable. He really took his time to review the concepts and answer questions. Great overview of SQL content. I already had a basic understanding of SQL, but learned new information right from the first lesson. By the third lesson, it provided a great deeper dive into the database and table structures.

U. S. Military Academy

Mike was a fantastic instructor and was very attentive to any student questions.


Excellent course for a great value. I am a business analyst for a Fortune 100 company and the concepts I improved on in this class will both improve the quality of my work and boost my team's productivity.

The best, most engaging Excel course I've taken to date! Mike was absolutely fabulous. I took the intro Excel course with him and was so excited to see that he was teaching this course today! Mike isn't just an exceptional instructor, but also a master at engaging his students. His teaching style is the perfect mix for me: keeping the topics light while introducing game-changing knowledge and insights.

The best if you want to learn or brush up on your Excel skills. The instructors know their trade and are very patient in teaching the class with examples. Will take another class again!


Jerron actually got me excited about Tableau & exploring all it can do for me in my daily work. Before his class, I dreaded having to navigate what seemed to be a non-user friendly application. Jerron explained the "mystery" and how Tableau is actually fun. You know what? he's right! Once I learned that my information had to be entered into Tableau in the format it understands, it no longer seemed impossible to learn. I am truly grateful to have had this experience.

Perfect for anyone who uses Excel in their day-to-day life! Learned many new shortcuts for Excel and my new favorite: the XLOOKUP.

Mr. Ty was very helpful and on hand to deal with any issues you may have as a student. Great job, Mr. Vincent Ty.

I really enjoyed the class overall. If you want to learn anything that relates to coding or some kind of computer software, this is the place to learn it at. The instructors make sure to teach in-depth and they also make sure that all the students that have issues/problems are not confused before going on to the next activity/part of the lesson.

Upcoming Data Analytics Classes in NYC

All times are listed in Eastern Time unless otherwise specified.

June 2024
June 17–21
Monday to Friday 10–5pm
30 Hours
NYC or Live Online

Discover Python and data science with no prior coding or math experience required. You'll learn the fundamentals of Python and libraries, including pandas and scikit-learn. By the end of the Python for Data Science bootcamp, you'll be able to manipulate and analyze data with Python and create beautiful data visualizations.

June 17–21
Monday to Friday 10–5pm
30 Hours
NYC or Live Online

Discover Python and data science with no prior coding or math experience required. You'll learn the fundamentals of Python and libraries, including pandas and scikit-learn. By the end of the Python for Data Science bootcamp, you'll be able to manipulate and analyze data with Python and create beautiful data visualizations.

June 17–18
Weekdays 10–5pm
18 Hours
NYC or Live Online

Learn Power BI for data analysis & visualization and become a certified Power BI Data Analyst Associate in this hands-on certification course.

June 18
Tuesday 10–5pm
6 Hours
NYC or Live Online

Get going with the basics of Excel and start working on projects in Excel. Get practice with calculations and formulas, charts and tables, worksheet and workbook formatting, and basic hotkeys to accelerate your workflow. 

June 18 & 20
Tuesday & Thursday 6–9pm
6 Hours
NYC or Live Online

Become an expert Excel user with this Advanced Excel course. Learn powerful functions like INDEX-MATCH, work with advanced Pivot Table functions, and start recording macros to automate workflows. Prepare yourself for any Excel challenge with this advanced Excel course.

showing 5 of 250 courses

Data Analytics Courses in NYC

Data Analytics 101

Are you looking for a reliable career with stability, high earning potential, and projected growth? Look no further than data analytics! Adding data analytics to your current skill set can lead to opportunities in business development, finance, ecommerce, and many other industries. At Career Centers, we offer a variety of courses that introduce you to the world of data analytics, including how to understand, evaluate, and explain data insights to your team.

So what is data analytics? Data analytics involves analyzing data to uncover trends and using that data to make business decisions. Data sources can include website traffic, customer data, or third party data made available through a service or app.

When you study data analytics, you’ll learn how to incorporate data into every decision, whether it’s the location of your next office or a new product for your brand. 

Is Data Analytics the same thing as Data Science?

While both roles work with data, data analysts and data scientists actually have very different jobs. Data Scientists “extract” data from websites. Using back-end languages like R and Hadoop, Data Scientists can extract all data from a business directory or other data repository and manipulate that data for analysts.

In contrast, data analysts find insights within data that has already been filtered and stored into massive datasets. For example, an ecommerce website yields lots of data about your business––which product pages are visited most often, where customers are located, and more. Data analysts use tools like Excel and SQL to evaluate datasets and create visuals like maps and charts. 

NYC Data Analytics Classes at Career Centers

At Career Centers, you can customize your data analytics training to suit your career interests. For example, if you’re an aspiring statistician, you may want to take SPSS and Microsoft Excel. If you’re a developer, SQL and Microsoft Access may be a better fit for you. 

For complete beginners that want to make their impact in the world of data analytics quickly, learning Tableau is a great option to develop work samples that demonstrate data insights. Choose from classes and tools, including the following:

Learn more about the data analytics courses available to you below.

Choose Your Data Analytics Classes in NYC

Microsoft Access

Although most Microsoft Office and Office365 users use Excel for data management, Access was designed by Microsoft as the primary database tool. Access is a desktop-only application and must be installed on a laptop or desktop device. Much like Tableau, Microsoft Access is considered a novice-friendly tool for individuals that are new to managing data or databases.

If you’re working with massive datasets or find that you need several Excel worksheets or workbooks to house your data, there are numerous benefits to adopting Access over Excel. Compared to Excel, Access can analyze massive datasets without sacrificing speed. In addition, Access comes with new features that ensure your data is secure.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is the go-to tool for most data analysts. It’s a powerful application that you can use from start to finish––entering data, analyzing data, and sharing results with visual representations of data like plots and charts. Career Centers courses cover beginner topics like manipulating data to using macros and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).


If you’re a statistician, academic researcher, or another research professional, you’ve likely heard of SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Science). This application is used by psychologists, sociologists, and other professionals conducting research studies to perform analysis, but also to prepare and code data prior to analysis. The tool also includes some unique visualization features. Tasks that take hours in an Excel spreadsheet are automated in minutes in SPSS.

If you’re a Python developer, SPSS is an ideal tool because you can automate tasks and analysis with custom scripts that analyze large datasets.


SQL (S-Q-L or sequel) allows back-end developers to manage and manipulate data in large databases like Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel SQL Server. You can join multiple data tables or separate them to examine relationships. For example, you can query and combine two separate databases––one containing customer orders and another, customer locations, to determine where your frequent buyers live.

As a programming language, rather than a database tool itself, SQL can be used with a variety of relational database management systems. Recent developments have resulted in new SQL systems, including MySQL and PostgreSQL.


Visual data tools like Tableau make it possible for everyone on your team to understand data insights, regardless of their background. With Tableau, you can create maps, graphs, charts, and plots to illustrate your findings, making it easy to convey data-driven decisions to senior leadership without hours spent reading spreadsheets or white papers. Tableau is an asset in any company that regularly uses data.

Join Our Data Analytics Bootcamps and Earn a Certification

There are infinite certification options available to you when you’re just starting out in data analytics. In our Excel courses, you can learn the basics of data analysis, using formulas, pivot tables, and macros. Our certification options include training, study materials, and proctoring for the exam at an affordable price. 

In SQL, you can earn a Microsoft certification by taking the bootcamp, which covers Levels I, II, and III. You’ll go from learning how to write basic SELECT statements to storing automated procedures. Aspiring database enthusiasts can earn a SQL certification in just a few weeks.

Data Analytics Jobs Corporate Training

Do you understand your web or customer data?

Are you in the real estate or financial services industry?

Have you signed up for Google Analytics, Ad Words, or a similar tool?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, scheduling a corporate training session in data analytics for your staff can help you increase efficiency, discover actionable insights within existing data, and make better business decisions driving sales and revenue growth.

Choose from any of our existing courses in Access, Excel, SPSS, SQL, or Tableau and host a session at our Midtown Manhattan training center or your office. You can also work with our resident data analytics gurus to develop a custom training session designed to address your specific training and business needs.

We offer three convenient options for businesses interested in pursuing data analytics, corporate training, or professional development for their staff:

  • Host a training session on-site at our Midtown Manhattan training center complete with computers and software for every student
  • Conduct training on-site during work hours to allow your team to transition from training to their normal workflow with ease.
  • Purchase group vouchers at a discounted rate for your team members to enroll in our convenient weekday, evening, or weekend data analytics courses at their convenience.

Contact us today to discuss your data analytics training needs. Our consultations are free of charge. Following our call, we’ll propose a custom training plan developed by our seasoned training experts in data analytics.

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