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Learn the digital marketing skills you need to increase website traffic and conversions in hands-on classroom and corporate training in New York. Our classes include search engine optimization, Google Analytics, Google Ads, and social media marketing and are taught by top digital marketing professionals.

  • In-person courses
  • Flexible training solutions
  • Small class sizes
  • Hands-on & interactive

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Our Digital Marketing Training courses are instructor-led in our Manhattan classrooms or live online (virtual learning).

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Drive team performance and efficiency with Career Centers’s industry-leading training. Send employees to our group classes or create a custom training program onsite.

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Upcoming Digital Marketing Classes in NYC

All times are listed in Eastern Time unless otherwise specified.

July 2024
July 23–24
Tuesday to Wednesday 10–5pm
12 Hours
NYC or Live Online

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical marketing skill in today's digital world. In this two-day bootcamp, learn the fundamentals of SEO and get ahead of your competition with hands-on training in search engine optimization.

August 2024
August 2
Friday 10–5pm
6 Hours
NYC or Live Online

Learn how to use Google Analytics and leverage the data available to inform business decisions. Get familiarized with the tool, understand the KPI's to track, navigate the various reports available, and more in this hands-on Google Analytics bootcamp. 

August 5
Monday 10–5pm
6 Hours
NYC or Live Online

Learn about how to market your business on LinkedIn. You’ll develop winning strategies to promote your product/service, create winning content, and draw in customers with LinkedIn Ads.

August 6 & 8
Tuesday & Thursday 6–9pm
6 Hours
NYC or Live Online

Learn about how to market your business on LinkedIn. You’ll develop winning strategies to promote your product/service, create winning content, and draw in customers with LinkedIn Ads.

August 7
Wednesday 10–5pm
6 Hours
NYC or Live Online

Learn about text-based (written content) social media marketing platforms like blogging and Twitter. Explore current social media marketing trends and develop a marketing content strategy for written content.

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What Should I Learn?

We offer a variety of digital marketing courses, but you may be wondering "which one is right for me?" Well, it depends.

If you are looking to go into a career as a digital marketer and want the full toolkit of digital marketing skills then you might be interested in our Digital Marketing Certificate program which covers SEO, Google Ads, social media, Google Analytics, and digital marketing strategies. This will give you a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing and the practical skills you need to go out and do it yourself. 

If you are looking to specialize in a certain domain or improve on a certain skill in digital marketing for your job or your own business then you can check out our bootcamps in specific topics. We offer a Google Ads Bootcamp, SEO Bootcamp, Google Analytics Bootcamp, and a whole bunch of other digital marketing classes. We also offer a Social Media Marketing Certificate with training in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok.

If you are looking to just dip your feet into the water of digital marketing then maybe you'll like our "in-a-day" classes that cover the fundamentals of a domain in just one day. We offer 1-day classes in SEO, Ads, Analytics, social media, and digital marketing.

Our digital marketing courses provide practical training for businesses that sell or promote products and services online. 

  • In SEO in a day, learn essential keyword tips and tricks to rank higher in search engines
  • Learn all the basics to increase online sales online in our Digital Marketing Bootcamp

After taking one or more digital marketing classes, you’ll have the skills to increase your online traffic and surpass your competitors.

Our Digital Marketing Instructors

Our digital marketing instructors have a proven track record of getting measurable results and increasing sales online for numerous businesses.

Our Digital Marketing Courses

Digital Marketing courses at Career Centers include intensive day courses and week-long bootcamps that take a deep dive into all aspects of SEO and digital marketing. Our six-hour day courses include a thorough overview of the topic, which prepare you to create and implement your digital marketing strategy after the class. Day courses include:

  • SEO in a Day - Learn how search engines work, techniques for researching and writing content, and how to structure your content and websites to optimize SEO
  • Digital Marketing in a Day - Get an overview of digital marketing and strategies to find your target audience online, learn how to increase sales and use Google Analytics
  • Google Ads in a Day - Master the art of paid search with Google Ads. Learn how to research and bid for keywords, as well as how to perfect your campaign for results.
  • Google Analytics in Day - Maximize your ROI with Google Analytics. Evaluate your website and marketing campaigns while answering specific marketing questions.

Digital Marketing Certification and SEO Certification in NYC

Digital Marketing and SEO skills are in demand now more than ever. As a digital marketing expert, how do you stand out amongst the crowd? Earning a digital marketing or SEO certification is a great way to demonstrate proof of your skills. The benefits of certification include:

  • Verifiable proof of your digital marketing skills
  • Comprehensive training in all aspects of digital marketing and SEO
  • Verifiable proof of your commitment to the field

When you invest your time and money into a digital marketing certification, you show potential employers that you are committed to the field for the long run. It’s beneficial to get professional references from former clients or show proof of your results, but a certification is objective evidence of your abilities.

Career Centers Digital Marketing Classes in NYC

Our Digital Marketing courses implement a task-based approach to learning including labs and practice tasks. You’ll get practice with Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics, and Google AdWords. By the end of the course, you’ll know a variety of tools and strategies to implement changes and see results in your online campaigns.

If you want to learn some of the basic and advanced techniques of digital marketing, check out the Noble Desktop Digital Marketing Blog and the Noble Desktop Google Ads Blog.

If you want to go into search marketing but are sure whether to start learning SEO or SEM (Google Ads), see this Complete Guide to SEO vs SEM

You can also get started in digital marketing with these free online digital marketing classes at Noble Desktop.

Also, see our branding classes nyc.

All Digital Marketing and SEO courses are held at our school, Noble Desktop, in Midtown.

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